Join shipping experts from ProShip and Symbia Logistics as we tackle pressing parcel concerns about shipping hot topics.

2020 managed to put everyone in a shipping tailspin – with issues ranging from capacity constraints to broken supply chains. Retailers and manufacturers are now looking forward with loads of questions about parcel shipping in 2021 in the aftermath of a pandemic peak season. ProShip sits down with Third Party Logistics and Warehousing provider, Symbia Logistics, to answer top questions about parcel shipping including topics like…

  • Managing customer expectations
  • Carrier diversification, surcharges and compliance
  • Providing and executing same-day delivery
  • Structuring omnichannel fulfillment (ship-from-store, 3PLs etc)
  • Streamlining business rules and a well-balanced technology stack


  • Sean Mueller, VP of Business Development & Solutions, Symbia Logistics
  • Justin Cramer, Co-Founder | ProShip, Inc.
  • Tony Verrill, Director, Enterprise Sales | ProShip, Inc.