What is ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?

Making complex multi-carrier shipping software simple and cost-effective.

ProShip is the industry-leader in automated multi-carrier parcel shipping software for mid- to enterprise-size shippers. We empower some of the world’s largest companies to ship at lightning speeds, stay carrier compliant 24/7/365 and build stronger than ever customer revenue streams.

For over 20 years, customers around the world have trusted ProShip’s time-tested supply chain technology and advanced functionality to simplify complex parcel shipping challenges, deliver on our promise of speed, compliance, support and flexibility, and cultivate positive customer experiences.

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Dive deeper into how ProShip fits into your current technology stack, what carriers and technology partners we work with, and how to transition from your current solution to ProShip.



View our comprehensive carrier library by region and learn how to add additional carriers to best meet your customer’s needs.



How much does ProShip cost? Provide us information on your business, and we’ll provide pricing and recommendations to supercharge your shipping strategy.

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Benefits of ProShip

It’s a fact that shipping majorly impacts revenue, which is why investing in the right parcel shipping software is an important part of your big-picture strategy.

Cost Savings

Many ProShip customers see an ROI in under 1 year due to a reduction in transportation costs from automated rate shopping, faster shipment processing, omnichannel fulfillment and transportation business intelligence.

“We saw an ROI with ProShip software in about a month.”

Pat Sullivan, Distribution Center & Logistics Manager, Mason Companies (watch the video case study)

Increased Throughput

Because ProShip’s carrier engines are built in-house, they easily handle the throughput needed on day one, all the way through peak holiday shipping season. Our customers love to test us, with some of them shipping millions of packages in a single day during peak with no downtime.

We went live in all 3 Manhattan DC’s close to peak with minimal issues. This gave us the confidence to utilize Proship in other areas of the business. We are happy to tell that story.”

— Kevin Norsen, Director of Logistics Strategy & Systems, ULTA Beauty (read the case study)

Carrier Diversification

Capacity constraints and increased carrier surcharges are the new norm in today’s parcel shipping world. ProShip makes it easy for you to onboard the global, national and regional carriers you need in order to be successful.

The addition of ProShip will provide us a more robust solution offering elevated levels of distribution efficiency, carrier integrations and quality support — helping us exceed customer expectations.

Ryan Ostrom, Chief Brand Officer, GNC (read the case study)

Omnichannel Ease

Utilizing every inventory source available to you is more important than ever. Whether you have thousands of store locations or multiple 3PLs and other third-party vendors, ProShip allows you to bring your product closer to the customer – shortening its time in network – through the connections in your Enterprise Technology Stack.

ProShip shipping software has allowed us to scale our e-commerce fulfillment network with ease. The flexibility and speed to rate and service shop multiple carriers instantaneously has allowed us to ship tens of thousands daily through multiple channels.”

Christopher Falls, Manager Omni Fulfillment & Supply Chain Optimization, Petco (read the case study)


ProShip isn’t a cookie cutter system. It’s fully customized to fit into your enterprise technology stack and scales as your business grows.

What Sets ProShip Apart

There are many parcel shipping solutions available on the market, so how do you decide which software is right for your unique business? At ProShip, we take this very seriously and have outlined the reasons our shipping software stands tall in a mix of cookie-cutter solutions.

Core Technology

ProShip controls the lifecycle of its own Intellectual Property.

Because ProShip controls the development, integration, services and support of its product, you can be assured that your software is authentically ProShip end-to-end and is built for the enterprise shipperOther solutions rely on 3rd-party technologies for their software to work, which limits flexibility and throughput capability and increases the possibility of interruptions in service.


ProShip’s on-premise carrier engines offer millisecond transaction times.

By hosting carrier rates on the ProShip server, we’re able to cut out the middleman, so to speak. Other parcel shipping solutions require web-services (APIs) to enable communication to the carriers, resulting in latency and downtimes during peak volumes. [Learn more about speed here]


ProShip’s updates are done automatically at your designated interval to ensure that your company is always on the newest software release of our software.

ProShip updates are done with no downtime so that your shipping strategy never comes to a grinding halt. Competition software solutions that communicate with carriers via API connections (resulting in delays and downtime), requires steep fees or may not offer automatic updates at all.


ProShip maintains close relationships with our carriers.

ProShip leads the industry in certified and compliant shipping services through an ongoing commitment to relationship building with our carriers in order for our engines to be 100% developed and supported by us directly. As the only solution to be awarded FedEx Provider of the year twice and stay Diamond Status every year since the inception of the programProShip has the reputation and the experience to help you stay carrier compliant and compatible 24/7/365.


ProShip has a team of in-house shipping and IT experts that know your unique business.

Support in the shipping technology business is a critical element of the overall customer experience. Whether a basic question or an escalated crisis, the support team should be fully prepared to assist. At ProShip, customer support is more than a concept – it’s a commitment to educating and communicating with our customers. ProShip is always excited to help a new customer on their journey to better shipping.

Industries We Serve

ProShip was designed for mid- to high-volume shippers in any industry type. We deliver results across retail, third party logistics/distribution, manufacturing and healthcare by giving companies the tools they need to ship products faster, more cost effectively and always in compliance.

How ProShip Empowers Retail

Today’s consumers want instant satisfaction, and shipping is the #1 barrier to purchase. In fact, did you know that 84% of consumers would not return after a single bad shipping experience? That’s why 25 of the National Retail Federation’s Top 100 Retailers who ship parcel trust ProShip multi-carrier shipping software. 

How retailers can achieve this with ProShip:
  • You’ll leverage the fastest carrier engines in the world to automatically choose lowest-cost carrier service while meeting delivery promises
  • You’ll be able to utilize more inventory sources through omnichannel fulfillment strategies, moving more product and increasing sales
  • Because of its flexible architecture, ProShip can easily handle chaotic peak season shipping and scales as your business growsimproving the customer experience and building brand loyalty

Learn more in our Retail/E-Commerce and ProShip brochure

How ProShip Empowers 3PLs

Today’s manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce leaders trust you with their logistics and fulfillment business, and they’re continuously taking shipping more seriously. Getting orders to their customers as quickly and efficiently as they expect can be a challenge-unless you have ProShip. 

How 3PL providers achieve success with ProShip:
  • You’ll be able to easily manage multiple fulfillment processes and complex business rules for individual customers to ensure success across your entire customer base
  • You’ll position yourself as a demand-driven value network (DDVN), giving yourself the competitive advantage by shipping faster while reducing costs
  • You’ll be able to focus on additional value-adds such as added warehousing and last-mile logistics

Learn more in our 3PL and ProShip brochure

How ProShip Empowers Manufacturers

Logistics efficiency for manufacturers is more important now than ever before. Whether you’re B2B, B2C or both, customer retention relies on on-time shipping. Struggles with order fulfillment, rising logistics costs and capacity overload can cause real problems for manufacturing professionals who don’t have a solid parcel strategy in place. 

How manufacturers exceed their goals with ProShip:
  • You’ll have the flexibility to pivot strategies when implementing new programs (for example direct-to-consumer) to create channels of direct communication and distribution
  • You’ll save money on every single shipment (up to 30%!)
  • Thanks to ProShip’s robust architecture, you’ll be able to remove manual processes from your parcel shipping to improve efficiency and speed

Learn more in our Manufacturing and ProShip brochure