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[Episode 23] What is a Peer-to-Peer Order Fulfillment Network

This month’s ParcelCast episode brings two experts together for a discussion of distributed fulfillment and the process of intelligently bringing large-scale fulfillment centers closer to customers.

This episode is hosted by Justin Cramer, who is joined by Manish Chowdhary, Founder and CEO at Cahoot. Together, these experts dive into a discussion about the current fulfillment economy and how a collaboration platform is changing shipping technology with distributed fulfillment.

Those who listen in will gain a high-level understanding of distributed fulfillment and how it can benefit shippers in today’s volatile environment. Touching on the impacts of shippers like Amazon and American Eagle on e-commerce, Justin and Manish dive into the cost benefits of embracing a distributed fulfillment network. They also talk about the competitive environment that retailers may see themselves in and how this shipping technology is flipping that concept on its head. Finally, they explore how reverse logistics has changed over the last two years and what we will see in the coming years (Hint: some top retailers are already doing this!).