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[ProShip ParcelCast Unwined] Episode 39: The Speed of Trust: How Logistics Wins (or Loses) Customers

Listen in to explore key insights into the future of e-commerce and how logistics will shape the future

According to a recent study by Statista, global e-commerce sales reached about $5.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2023 and are projected to surpass $8 trillion dollars by 2027. It is no secret that the modern, fast-paced e-commerce landscape is booming, also causing customer trust to become a crucial determinant of business success. As consumer expectations continue to rise, shippers’ ability to deliver on promises – particularly regarding delivery times and order accuracy – plays a crucial role in building and maintaining customer trust.

However, the traditional separation between e-commerce and logistics operations often leads to miscommunication and inefficiencies, undermining customer satisfaction. Seamless coordination between these functions is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity. Understanding how logistics impacts customer trust is essential for any business looking to thrive in the modern market, where efficiency and reliability are key to winning and retaining customers.

In this episode of ProShip ParcelCast Unwined, our host, Jerri Dixon, is joined by two industry experts: Justin Cramer, Co-founder of ProShip, and Ninaad Acharya, Co-founder and CEO of Fulfillment IQ. As the episode commences, these three knowledgeable professionals dive into an insightful conversation about the future of e-commerce and the intricate world of logistics and the promise economy. Tune in to this episode to learn more about:

  • Bridging the Gap Between E-Commerce and Logistics: Understand the need to move away from the traditional siloed approach where commerce and logistics operate separately. This disconnect leads to unrealistic delivery promises and poor customer experiences.
  • Leveraging Technology for Accurate Delivery Promises: Discover how using technology for early, accurate delivery promises enhances the customer experience. Integrating commerce, order, transportation, and warehouse management into a unified platform improves data sharing and decision-making.
  • The Role of AI in the Promise Engine: Explore how AI can transform logistics by analyzing network-wide data, including warehouse and transportation details, for real-time delivery predictions and accurate promises. This enhances efficiency, meeting customer expectations and ensuring high satisfaction.

For this episode of ProShip ParcelCast Unwined, our experts indulge in a refreshing drink, the “Precisely Promised” Vodka Soda. Just like a good vodka soda is all about balance and precision, a successful supply chain relies on precise coordination and efficient delivery – much like the balanced ingredients in this episode’s cocktail.

Enjoy the "Precisely Promised" Vodka Soda with our shipping experts:

Ingredients: vodka, soda, ice, garnish of choice

Fill your glass with about 2/3 full of ice. Pour in your vodka and top off the drink with soda. For more flavor, opt for a flavored seltzer water. Stir your drink to combine the vodka and soda and finally, add your garnish of choice. Popular options include a lime wedge, lemon twist, cucumber slice, or a sprig of fresh mint. Cheers!

Don’t forget to join us for our next ProShip ParcelCast Unwined episode for more supply chain insights, hot industry trends, and key tips for successful shipping!