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[ProShip ParcelCast] Episode 30: Shipping Software: The Long-Term Strategy

It is widely known that software is constantly evolving, especially in such a technologically advanced and sophisticated world. However, it’s important to distinguish the difference between natural obsolescenceover time, and deliberate retirement of solutions by technology companies because they want to encourage their customers to upgrade their technology while aiming to enhance revenue streams. Sunsetting software is the intentional discontinuance or retirement of a software by the vendor, typicallywith the goal of encouraging users to pay for an upgrade. When you consider the supply chain industry and retail, manufacturing, and third-party logistics (3PL) shipper, this phenomenon poses significant challenges for those who rely heavily on these software solutions.

In this enlightening ParcelCast episode, Co-Founder of ProShip, Justin Cramer, shares his extensive wisdom accumulated from over 20 years in the industry. He covers the topic of shipping software longevity, with talking points addressing sunsetting software, paid upgrades, and why companies shopping for multi-carrier shipping software tend to return to ProShip.

Justin begins the conversation by exploring software vendor’s intentional discontinuation or retirement of software and what three options that leaves the shipper – pay their existing vendor for a software upgrade, move on to a new vendor, or risk using outdated software until it can no longer function. He explains that not all software is destined to sunset, especially advanced shipping software that utilizes continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) [Learn more about how and why ProShip uses this update process].

The episode then transitions into a conversation about costs. Justin helps listeners to understand how much they are paying for software relative to what they are getting out of it. The low upfront cost may be deceiving to the total cost when the software only lasts a few years, multiplying into a cost several times higher than a proper CI/CD solution. Justin wraps up the discussion by explaining why the ProShip CI/CD philosophy, staff, and efficient problem solving keeps customers coming back to ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software.

Is your current shipping software at risk for sunsetting? Tune in to discover why you need a long-term, flexible shipping solution!

Be sure to tune into the next ProShip ParcelCast episode to hear from supply chain experts on preparing your carrier strategy for peak season.