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[Episode 13] Idiot-Proof Business Intelligence Solutions

In this month’s episode of ProShip ParcelCast, host John Wells, ProShip Head of Strategic Partnerships, is joined by Clint Boaz, ProShip Senior Sales Engineer, and Michael Falls, the Director of Global Strategic Solutions at enVista to breakdown dynamic BI solutions.

Clint and Michael start the conversation by giving listeners are detailed breakdown of the difference between business information and Business Intelligence (BI) with the concept of, “Data Rich, Information Poor.” In a systematic manner, they go through problems and solutions for BI – helping to understand why you need a BI service, how it can be personalized for your unique and individual business, and what kind of baseline you can establish to measure the impact of optimization. They also give examples of how picking the right partner can make or break your BI journey (hint: finding the right fit is about more than just technology alignment)!