MCSS is faster

TMS aren't designed specific to parcel shipping. MCSS is simply faster, in fact, ProShip can achieve millisecond transaction times because we build our own carrier engines.

MCSS Keeps you compliant

A TMS doesn’t specialize in compliance and can slow down shipping operations when rates change, surcharges are added and business rules update.

Only MCSS offers specialized parcel support

With such a broad offering of features, TMS support rarely focus on issues arising from parcel shipping. ProShip's only focus is parcel, and because of that we are able to take action quickly and provide parcel-specific training and online resources.

MCSS finds ways to save you money that TMS can't

By specializing in parcel, we provide a unique ecosystem that includes automatic rate shopping, powerful business insights and flexibility to scale to meet your evolving needs without investing in a new system.

Top 4 Differences Between TMS vs. Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Did you know that Transportation Management Systems (TMS) were originally developed for planning freight movement, freight rating and inbound shipping?

TMS is positioned as a one-stop shop for all things logistics, however, it lacks the parcel-specific features that optimize high-volume shipping operations. For that, you need multi-carrier shipping software (MCSS)

We’ve highlighted the top 4 differences between TMS and Multi-Carrier Shipping Software (MCSS), specifically ProShip.

It’s imperative to understand the differences between the two prior to making a purchase decision, as the wrong decision can affect your bottom line and/or become outdated quickly, requiring investment in a different system that can better serve your parcel needs.

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Gain access to our exclusive Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Competitive Guide that compares a wide variety of multi-carrier shipping software solutions in common pain point categories, such as speed, business focus, flexibility, core technology and more.

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ProShip is the industry-leader in multi-carrier shipping software, serving the world’s top, most recognizable brands in retail, 3PL, manufacturing and healthcare. We empower our customers to take control of their parcel challenges and optimize their shipping processes during peak season and beyond.

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