ProShip is back at the Retail supply chain event that you won’t want to miss in February 2019

ProShip is headed to Florida this February to attend LINK, the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s Retail Supply Chain Conference being held in Kissimmee, Florida from February 24-27th to showcase the fastest multi-carrier shipping software in the industry. This conference is open to executives from retail and consumer goods product manufacturing companies, and if you enter code EXSC2019 at checkout, you will receive a special discounted price (it’s not too late to register to attend). This year more than 300 creative and diverse companies that support the best retail supply chain solutions will be present to network and build new business relationships with some of the biggest retailers around.

The retail world and the way we shop is evolving faster than ever, and retailers are struggling to keep up. This conference will spend time presenting sessions on key topics like AI and last-mile delivery tailored to your organization’s level of expertise. This year’s show will also see extended EXPO Hall hours, giving attendees the opportunity to not only learn about the issues within supply chains, but also to learn about new solutions built to solve them.

While exploring the many innovative solutions in LINK’s EXPO Hall, be sure to swing by booth #1123 and learn more about how our global multi-carrier shipping software can help to solve many of your supply chain weak links. With the ability to ship with multiple carriers, you will never leave your customers stranded during peak shipping times, and you won’t waste time and money on the wrong solution.

Why ProShip?

Today’s retailers are looking for more reliable ways to get orders on the truck faster in order to always meet delivery promises. Why? Because if they don’t, their customers will go elsewhere. ProShip retailers understand that shipping is a top factor in building stronger-than-ever customer revenue streams. How ProShip is different from those other guys:

  • Speed: Time is money, and speed is the name of the shipping game. Since we build our own engines, ProShip can push for sub-millisecond shipping transaction times. Why? Because each missed delivery promise is recurring revenue lost. [Why speed is important]
  • Compliance: It pays to get along with others, and in the shipping arena, nice guys finish first. The theory is simple: Play by the rules, and your packages will get to the places they need to be. ProShip keeps you compliant no matter what you ship – getting orders to your customers on-time, with no delays or chargebacks. [Retailers Divulge Top 10 Carrier-Related Shipping Concerns]
  • Reliability: In shipping we trust, and trust is worth its weight in gold. Our carrier engines are proven to run smoothly without interruption, even during the busiest of peak shipping times. [3 Steps to Simplify Your Peak Season Prep]
  • Experience: You get what you pay for, and there’s a reason people pay for premium. Premium comes with years of experience, time-tested technology and advanced functionality. The ProShip solution is no different – with development, engine creation, integration, engineering and support all done in-house in the U.S. [Transitioning From Your Shipping Software to ProShip]

Whatever your shipping or supply chain struggle is, we would be happy to talk with you about it. Swing by our booth and we’ll have a chat. RILA’s 2019 LINK Conference is sure to bring the next big idea to your business, don’t miss out!

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