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Every business is unique, which is why ProShip doesn’t offer cookie-cutter parcel software solutions. Providing this information below will allow us to match you with the right shipping expert and allow us to provide an accurate quote for ProShip enterprise multi-carrier shipping software or WorldLink multi-carrier shipping software for SMB/mid-sized businesses.

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Why we can’t share base pricing

ProShip multi-carrier shipping software is uniquely configured for each individual shipping environment and therefore is modular based. Because of the unique configuration and implementation, it is difficult to estimate costs without having a short discovery call with one of our shipping experts.  

A couple things that affect the cost of a shipping solution include: 

  • Software complexity  
  • Software engineering 
  • Annual SMA (Service Maintenance Agreement) 

ProShip is also flexible to your needs whether you choose a perpetual software license or a subscription-based pricing model. 

Are We a Good Fit

Is the ProShip solution a good fit for your company?

ProShip is an enterprise software solution and specializes in mid- to enterprise-level shippers. This means that our ideal retail, manufacturing, healthcare, or third-party logistics (3PL) customer (aka any high-volume shipper) would be shipping about 500+ small parcels per day (on average) to find an acceptable return on investment.  

As a software skilled in complex business rules, we also specialize in the most intricate shipping needs, such as hazmat or international shipping, as well as special automation requirements. 

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Not sure if you’re a fit? Watch our high-level mini demo.

Next Steps

ProShip’s team of shipping experts are extremely well-known within the industry. We strive to provide the most exceptional multi-carrier shipping software for small parcel on the market, enabling our clients to lower transportation spend, automate complex logistics operations, and exceed their customers’ shipping expectations.

If you feel that your company will benefit from the ProShip or WorldLink multi-carrier shipping solution, please fill out the form on this page. Note: The more information you share, the more accurate your quote will be!