ProShip & Your Software Stack

ProShip’s cutting-edge software solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and technologies to simplify your parcel shipping process. Today’s top companies rely on ProShip to automate and optimize the way your ERP, OMS/eCom, WMS and shipping software work together to deliver on customer expectations while reducing costs within the supply chain.

The Enterprise Technology Stack (ESS)


ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP systems provide access to enterprise data from multiple activities using common constructs and definitions and common user experiences, but are not designed for tasks such as parcel shipping.


WMS Warehouse Management System

A WMS software enables day-to-day warehouse operations, such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations, as well as maximizing the use of facilities. However, most WMS providers have basic, limited shipping features as they do not specialize in parcel capability.


OMS Order Management System

An OMS tracks orders from inception to fulfillment and manages the people, processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its lifecycle, but OMS solutions do not have shipping capabilities. Rather, they bolt on to ERP, WMS and multi-carrier shipping software solutions.

By seamlessly integrating ProShip multi-carrier shipping software into your current ESS, you’ll gain critical parcel shipping capabilities in order to lower transportation costs, improve delivery times and make data-backed fulfillment decisions.

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Improve Carrier/Rate Selection

Utilize the most advanced multi-carrier rate shopping features to automatically choose the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of transit to get each parcel onto the truck and out to customers faster than ever.

Expand the Carrier Portfolio

Easily onboard global, national and regional carrier partners to manage carrier capacity constraints and surcharges, improving delivery speed and lowering transportation costs.

Ensure Current Carrier Compliance and Rate Updates

Staying on top of shipping expenses and rate changes is crucial since these costs impact consumer purchasing decisions and bottom-line profitability, especially during peak holiday shipping.

Optimize Parcel Shipment Visibility

Improve supply chain visibility with actionable parcel business intelligence, helping to identify key opportunities for improvement in parcel spend, transit times and more.

Why Add ProShip to Your Enterprise Technology Stack

We aren’t like other cookie cutter multi-carrier shipping solutions. ProShip’s unique customizations supercharges your supply chain and enhances your new or existing tech stack to provide an exceptional carrier/rate selection, opportunity to expand your carrier portfolio, peace of mind that you are carrier compliant and your rates are up-to-date (a must for peak season), and optimizes your parcel shipment visibility.

Multi-carrier shipping software is one of the most in-demand technologies for parcel shippers. Learn why relying on a single carrier is bad for business in our blog, Single-Carrier Parcel Shipping Strategies are Dead. Here’s Why.


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Reasons Companies Switch


Homegrown Solutions Are Too Much Work

Today, the parcel shipment strategy for many companies is reactionary and disconnected. Homegrown solutions don’t have the manpower to scale or pivot, ultimately slowing your company’s growth and affecting your bottom line.

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Second-Rate Shipping Solutions Can’t Keep Up

Like homegrown solutions, cookiecutter shipping solutions don’t have the flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing expectations of customers, such as same-day delivery or ship-from-store. A complete multi-carrier shipping solution excels at adapting to the dynamic parcel shipping landscape and provides advanced shipping capabilities, no matter how complex your environment.

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Managing Multiple Carrier Systems is Getting Too Complex

Not only is managing multiple carrier systems labor intensive, but it is also unrealistic, time consuming and slow (especially if you’re using API calls)Utilizing multi-carrier shipping software streamlines, standardizes and simplifies your entire parcel shipping strategy all within one platform.

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Getting Started with ProShip

Transitioning from Your Current Shipping Software to ProShip

Making changes to the enterprise tech stack can be a daunting task – unless you find the right solution partner who can simplify and streamline the transition. By choosing ProShip, you’ll be tapping into 20+ years of experience and an iron-clad integration process that ensures full transparency from start-to-finish.  

We’re prepared to help you make the switch to ProShip multi-carrier shipping software. Download our Transitioning from your Shipping Software to ProShip brochure to get answers to FAQ and an in-depth look at the integration project phases.