The Founders of ProShip

How Two Veterans Created World-Class Shipping Software 

Longtime friends Justin Cramer, Co-Founder (top photo), and Jeff Goeters, former Chief Architect (bottom photo), met while serving in the US Navy and kept in touch long after – not only as friends, but as successful business partners. 

At that time, the shipping industry was full of kinks and obstacles, threatening the customer experience and causing customer dissatisfaction. Justin and Jeff put their shipping knowledge and experience together to create something better – something that could improve satisfaction for both the customer and the shipper. The end result proved to save everyone time, money and headaches. With Justin and Jeff developing this solution from the ground up, this software is now highly regarded in the shipping industry as the gold standard, and we have these two to thank.  

When asked what their goals were when they began to think about creating their own shipping software Justin said, “We wanted to develop the best shipping system on the planet,” with a grin. 

The industry vets recognized the need for ProShip and it was created with a desire to provide the highest level of shipping compliance possible for a business. The solutions and processes used in the past were disconnected; they weren’t normalized and aimed to combine carrier-logic with customer-logic. Their shared goal was to provide a product with a better level of service that would allow a level of isolation to those various business rules and processes that should not be tied to each other. They heard customers complain of working with competitors who offered unsatisfactory customer service and an inferior product. Justin and Jeff knew they could build something better, so they teamed up to create the standard in the industry and built their system from the ground up – not needing to lean on other third-party systems as the majority of competitors have to.  

With the ability to manipulate and properly choose and enforce business rules to select the best shipping method, customers can ship anywhere from dozens to thousands to millions of packages a day. The advanced and innovative technology integrated in this solution pushed it to become the fastest and strongest platform in the industry, and continuing developments keep raising the bar for the parcel shipping landscape. 

Though Jeff has since moved on to other ventures, ProShip continues to serve customers as the most trusted provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software. As the industry-leader in speed, compliance, reliability, and experience, ProShip empowers its customers to ship at lightning speeds, stay carrier compliant, and build stronger-than-ever revenue streams.  

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