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ProShip takes pride in our place within the supply chain and logistics industry as a premier provider of multi-carrier shipping software. Thus, it makes sense for ProShip to be included in the 2022 SOLUTIONS Guide from PARCEL, which serves as a reference for hardware, software, services, and supply needs for parcel shipping. With a number of pieces necessary to complete the Enterprise Software Stack (ESS), ProShip joins other technologically advanced leaders in the industry to provide a streamlined and innovative shipping solution for retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics companies.

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What makes ProShip unique is our legacy of happy customers and why they are so satisfied. ProShip’s automated shipping software supports brands as they scale and as their needs change. Using unified business logic and a solution that values speed, ProShip knows that delivering on the Customer Experience (CX) is important to our customers.

ProShip’s carrier library shows real depth, with a variety of carrier service options and an unwavering focus on compliance to keep shipping costs low and avoid unnecessary delays. With an expert team of IT and supply chain professionals, our support group ensures that you avoid downtime.

DID YOU KNOW: ProShip’s 2021 total peak uptime for our customer base was 99.99%.

With ProShip multi-carrier shipping software, enterprise shippers can…

  • Leverage the fastest carrier engines in the world to automatically choose lowest-cost carrier service while meeting delivery promises.
  • Utilize more inventory sources through omnichannel fulfillment strategies, moving more product & increasing sales.
  • Easily handle chaotic peak season shipping & scale as your business grows, improving the customer experience & building brand loyalty.

To see ProShip in PARCEL’s 2022 SOLUTIONS Guide, check out page 62, or reach out now to find out more about ProShip’s solution for supercharging your supply chain!