enVista’s business intelligence product will enhance ProShip’s shipper user experience, providing end-to-end visibility at the point of shipment execution through post-carrier billing and optimization of shipment activity within a network.

INDIANAPOLIS (June 29, 2021) – enVista, a global software, managed services and consulting solutions firm, optimizing and transforming both physical and digital commerce, today announces the integration of its myShipINFO® Business Intelligence (BI) product with ProShip multi-carrier shipping software, providing end-to-end visibility across a shipper’s network on all executive shipments from execution to post-carrier billing.

enVista’s myShipINFO® BI is the market-leading transportation business intelligence product enabling shippers to both analyze and optimize all shipment activity within their network. Most transportation BI products provide transportation visibility to carrier billing detail only, but myShipINFO® BI provides shippers who use ProShip’s multi-carrier parcel shipping software with end-to-end visibility at the point of execution through carrier billing. The solution’s network optimization capabilities turn visibility and analytics into action that empowers supply chain stakeholders from the analyst to executive levels to achieve their three primary goals: reduce transportation costs, reduce transit time for customers and eliminate non-value-added internal processes.

enVista’s BI solution will provide shippers who already use or plan to use it as an add-on to ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping platform the following benefits: real-time visibility to transportation cost exposure and outbound transit activity; automated accrual-reporting enabled for transportation finance stakeholders; and insight that enables shippers to optimize transportation management system (TMS)/multi-carrier parcel rate shopping software logic.

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enVista Vice President of Product Management, Darryl Barr, said, “In today’s challenging shipping environment, making informed and data-driven decisions that can not only optimize your current shipping operations but also enhance them is crucial. ProShip and enVista together will provide a single, comprehensive solution to enable deep end-to-end visibility, unveiling and maximizing opportunities for costs savings and driving out waste.”

“ProShip serves the highest volume retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics companies in the world. The real time ability to visualize and execute cost saving optimizations is critical to delivering excellent customer experiences for our customers, who today are facing unprecedented challenges in sourcing and optimizing their transportation requirements,” said Bill Schroeder, President of ProShip. “The combination of enVista and ProShip is a force multiplier that delivers insights to manage transportation in today’s world and adapt to tomorrow’s changes.”

Many of the world’s leading brands rely on enVista and ProShip for deep domain expertise and software services to power their transportation management, including: GNC, Orvis, Urban Outfitters and Williams Sonoma.

enVista’s business intelligence services provide comprehensive visibility into the transportation network, role-level optimization, network optimization, automation of transportation finance reporting, automation of carrier score carding and carbon emissions and sustainability reporting.

enVista will be joining ProShip in an upcoming ProS Who Know virtual event titled “Talk Data to Me: Illuminating Transportation Business Intelligence”, where attendees will learn how transportation analytics will feed your supply chain decision-making process and get an insider look of the MyShipINFO® BI product. View this webinar on-demand.

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