ProShip, enVista, LPF Spend Management and Labelmaster for a panel discussion on the parcel shipping industry’s hottest topics.

Parcel Shipping Webinar Description

An explosive growth in e-commerce, a lack of labor and numerous supply chain issues have put parcel shipping capacity at a premium and left retailers, manufacturers and distribution companies struggling to keep up. With another historic peak season well on its way, shippers everywhere are scrambling to implement last-minute changes to cut costs, increase capacity and better prepare before code-freezes.

Throughout the entire past year, the pandemic has fueled a demand for diverse parcel shipping features and services. However, many shippers are still left wondering what actionable data points to document now in order to avoid the same mistakes in 2022 and beyond.

What you’ll learn in this ProShip webinar

In this exclusive end-of-year webinar, attendees have access to a panel of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the parcel industry. We’ll discuss…

  • What to expect during peak season 2021
  • Which data points to record & how they can affect 2022
  • The right way to utilize transportation business intelligence
  • Shipping intricacies, such as omnichannel fulfillment & dangerous goods
  • Answers to questions submitted by the audience

Parcel Webinar Expert Panel