Follow along as Justin Cramer shares insight into his background as well as the current logistics industry landscape.

“Experts were once amateurs who kept practicing.”

― Amit Kalantri

While many claim to be experts in the supply chain and logistics industries, not many can match the experience and trade knowledge of Justin Cramer, Co-Founder of ProShip. Having spoken at both industry events and expert panels, Cramer is well-versed in the art of knowledge exchange. Cramer is one of many supply chain and IT professionals at ProShip who strive to arm our industry with relevant and educational information. ProShip prides itself on not only its innovative thinkers, but their desire to share this insight with others. [Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more]

Cramer’s most recent endeavor was an Executive Interview with IndustrialSage, an open platform where companies can showcase their expertise to those actively seeking solutions to their problems. Justin is interviewed by Danny Gonzales, CEO of IndustrialSage, and they explore the major changes and challenges experienced by the logistics industry, and how they’ll shape its future.

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