We’ve outlined the top shipping pain points for IT, Operations and Logistics, and E-Commerce Teams.

Sales in the U.S. from Nov. 1 through Christmas Eve were up 5.1% TO MORE THAN $850 billion. Online sales during that time frame were up 19.1% from a year ago. With online shopping heavily increasing year-over-year, it’s important to understand how to perfect the most important piece of the puzzle: shipping.

Today’s consumers want instant satisfaction, particularly during the hectic holiday season. Although some busy seasons peak earlier than others, retailers all have the same goal in mind – customer satisfaction. That means on-time delivery at a competitive cost.

[Download Infographic: Top Peak Season Shipping Pain Points]

So what’s the problem?

Almost 60% of retailers struggle with holiday shipping with close to 50% of shoppers abandoning their carts and buying from a competitor with better shipping options. While the busyness of the holiday season often throws curveballs that are out of your control, there are many anticipated scenarios that can be best handled through proper planning and the right tools.

In order to help evaluate your current shipping strategy and understand where pain points can be eliminated, we’ve put together the top peak season shipping pains for IT, Operations and E-Commerce teams all in one infographic. Download the infographic now!