Automatically build the smallest parcel & efficiently deliver it every time with these two solutions.

Utilized together or separately, ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software and the CVP Automated Packaging Solution integrate seamlessly within the order fulfillment process and give retailers and manufacturers the power to overcome key labor, shipping and material cost challenges, while providing an accelerated ROI and improved customer experience.

What are the top four pain points affecting supply chain professionals?

  • Volume: Shipping volume has increased and current platforms can’t handle it
  • Labor: Too many manual packing stations need hard-to-find labor
  • Speed: With increased volume and manual processes, throughput isn’t as accelerated as it should be
  • Compatibility: Incompatible technology platforms are barriers to smooth customer order fulfillment


  • ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software:ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software We don’t rely on third-party or carrier systems to support our product. We do the development, engine creation, integration, engineering, deployments and direct support in-house. This is what makes us fast, compliant and customizable.
  • CVP Automated Packaging Solution: Save an average of 88% in labor costs and eliminate 8 to 16 packing stations while building a perfect fit-to-size box for every order.

With ProShip’s revolutionary technologies, you will learn to shun cookie-cutter shipping and fulfillment strategies, ordinary methods, labored momentum and poor performance. We have the fastest, most carrier-compliant multi-carrier shipping software and the most innovative auto-boxing technology on the market, allowing companies to automate and reduce costs in the supply chain.

To learn more about CVP and get in contact with a CVP representative, visit our CVP page.