Supply chain operations have been stressed across the manufacturing industry – did your brand survive?

Now that we are two years into the pandemic, many experts are saying that things will never go completely back to where we were before and that we need to get ready for the “new normal”. Most experts agree that 2022 won’t be the year for normalcy. The supply chain is still battling product and warehouse shortages, labor issues, and climbing shipping costs, not to mention soaring logistics demands. Some of these issues are carryover from 2021, and some are brand new. Either way, they are expected to continue.

With 266 billion parcels expected to ship annually by 2026, top manufacturers need to have a handle their parcel shipping strategy. Parts of that strategy must include initiatives to reduce shipping costs and ship products direct-to-consumer (DTC) faster to stay competitive. But, brands must have the technology that facilitates those strategic actions. To demonstrate the way that ProShip multi-carrier shipping software can help manage those current supply chain challenges, as well as adapt for the challenges of tomorrow, our experts have created a benefits and features overview for the manufacturing industry. [Download the Manufacturing Brochure]

Brands will get a closer look at how ProShip seamlessly fits into your Enterprise Technology Stack, simplifying your shipping processes across the business. Key features, like automated complex business rules and rate shopping, will level-up your business and offer a competitive advantage. Unique and advanced DTC strategies allow manufacturers to not only learn more about their customers because they own the buyer data, but they can provide a more personalized and enhanced customer experience because they own the order, marketing, sales, distribution, and service interactions. [Learn more Why It’s Imperative for Manufacturers to Embrace a DTC Shipping Strategy Now]

Want to break down your strategy with the experts at ProShip? Reach out today to elevate your supply strategy to scale as your business grows for whatever the future may bring.

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