ProShip customers can now access the ACI Logistix carrier engine for their cutting-edge parcel logistics and distribution solutions

ProShip is excited to welcome innovative parcel logistics delivery service, ACI Logistix to our extensive carrier library. This partnership will combine ACI Logistix’s laser-focused e-commerce delivery solution with ProShip’s industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software to offer an innovative and elevated customer experience for current and prospective ProShip customers.

ACI Logistix: A Disruptive Parcel Innovator

ACI Logistix focus is centered on consumer brand and marketplace loyalty with advanced e-commerce delivery services. Building on its success during a time of instability, ACI is one of the fastest growing providers of US parcel logistics services which focuses on both online and offline commerce.

For clients around the world, ACI Logistix is dedicated to offering the best in logistics and parcel carrier services. This means they are centering on the things that matter most to customers: route efficiencies, shortening integration learning curves, and heightening visibility.

Their network extends to leverage a national distribution infrastructure, reaching nearly every address in the United States. With operational expertise to parcel shipping, logistics, and e-commerce, ACI Logistix can guarantee capacity for the shippers who need it. As delivery expectations continue to change, visibility into the entire process is of the utmost importance to customers. On-time delivery is no longer the baseline for a positive customer experience; deliveries must be reliable, visible and an interactive experience, and ACI Logistix is dedicated to fulfilling that kind of customer delivery experience.

Finally, advanced and modern technology leads ACI Logistix’s solution with cutting-edge automation and new and bigger facilities to produce an efficient and scalable network. They are heavily invested in the technology that drives e-commerce fulfillment including…

  • Constant scanning throughout the parcel life cycle
  • Industry leading routing and optimization technology
  • Product movements are geo tracked & geo confirmed, ensuring the right parcel is delivered to the right location every time
  • Full chain of custody, real time visibility and exception handling

ACI Logistix x ProShip multi-carrier shipping software

With both ACI Logistix and ProShip focusing on supporting leading e-commerce brands, the partnership seemed like a natural extension of both brands. “ProShip’s automated multi-carrier shipping software is used by more than 1 in 4 of NRF’s Top Retailers who ship parcel,” said Dave Salter, Business Development at ProShip. “As the needs of those shippers evolve, ProShip is seeking to partner with brands who can offer innovative and advanced delivery strategies and solutions. This partnership will unite a flexible yet reliable shipping platform with the carrier and service options that customers want now– AND the ability to adjust to what they may need later.”

As shippers begin preparations for the upcoming peak season, rising shipping costs are a major concern. A shipping solution that can offer advanced tools to not only manage shipping costs but improve them with a broad library of carrier service options will support shippers in any kind of parcel shipping environment.

To get the ACI Logistix carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About ACI Logistix

Welcome to ACI, the leading ecommerce and direct-to-consumer logistics platform that is revolutionizing the logistics industry. Our cutting-edge logistics services are driving our growing role in the ecommerce ecosystem, with a focus on both domestic and international clients. As the nation’s fastest-growing small parcel logistics provider and innovator, we take pride in our ability to handle the last mile and deliver millions of packages daily to US addresses. Our globally recognized clients trust us to provide seamless end-to-end logistics solutions that consistently exceed their expectations. Visit our website at to learn more about how we can help you achieve your logistics goals.