ProShip adds Same-Day delivery option, Roadie, to their Carrier Library

The past year has shown us a tumultuous supply chain, and with some supply chain experts now citing the bullwhip effect, what is yet to come is still unknown. To help shippers prepare for any level of demand, ProShip is now offering Roadie, a crowdsourced logistics platform enabling same-day delivery. With a model that makes it easy to utilize friends and neighbors as carriers, Roadie enables a fast and flexible shipping solution to more than 90% of all US households.

How Roadie Can Help

Roadie offers a unique carrier solution that meets the demands of the current parcel landscape, helping retailers get their products in a position to keep inventory flowing. Roadie is transforming excess capacity into a public service, moving packages quickly and efficiently, and by infusing the last-mile market with a scalable and convenient delivery option, Roadie meets the growing expectations of the customer experience, with vehicles already on the road.

Boasting a community of over 200,000 verified drivers across all 50 states, Roadie has already delivered to more than 20,000 zip codes nationwide. And with such a large, local same-day delivery footprint, Roadie can tackle difficult delivery issues head-on. Roadie makes it simple for brands to scale their same-day delivery program, providing flexibility, speed, and convenience to customers at any time and across the nation.

Roadie understands that the customer experience has never been more important – over 33% of customers are willing to leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. To further delight customers, Roadie provides transparency to customers in their deliveries with real-time tracking and updates along the way. With proof of delivery and photos at pick-up and drop-off, Roadie is improving visibility for their e-commerce customers and driving brand loyalty. Finally, the last piece of their focus is on offering customers transparency with their live customer support team that is available 24/7.

“With volatility plaguing the supply chain landscape, ProShip takes great pride in the strength of our carrier relationships. Even further, seeing a carrier employing unique and innovative parcel strategies to get shipments on doorsteps faster and at a lower cost, tells us that they would be a good fit for ProShip’s carrier library. Both our customers and our carrier partners benefit from the strength and flexibility within our Multi-Carrier Shipping Software, and in an environment when demand is constantly changing, the stability and consistency of ProShip can serve as an anchor to both.”

Jerri Dixon, Head of Strategic Partnerships at ProShip

Why Roadie x ProShip

The retail landscape was dramatically transformed by pandemic-induced e-commerce growth and some brands are still reeling with the aftershocks of that shift online. Those who have found their footing have done so with a flexible, technologically focused strategy. Many of these thriving brands understand the benefits of carrier diversification, an approach which empowers retailers with better control over their supply chain. [Hint: it also leads to reduced shipping costs!] With an expansive carrier library, ProShip aims to support customers as the parcel landscape shifts and their shipping needs change. ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software offers an advanced and flexible solution for brands of all sizes, making it easy to onboard and implement the carriers that meet their unique business needs. ProShip’s industry-leading millisecond shipment execution times, experienced and knowledgeable support team, and focus on compliance present mid-to-enterprise shippers the opportunity of cultivating a positive customer experience, while reducing their overall transportation spend.

To get the Roadie carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About Roadie

Roadie, a UPS Company, is a crowdsourced delivery platform. We work with consumers, small businesses and enterprises across virtually every industry for same-day and urgent delivery. With more than 200,000 drivers nationwide, Roadie’s platform covers more than 20,000 zip codes – the largest local same-day delivery network in the nation.