Specialized shipping solutions provider proves to successfully integrate its technology with all major carriers

Brookfield, Wis. (July 23, 2014) — ProShip, Inc., a leading provider of multi-carrier shipping software and distribution systems, was recently the first company to become certified as a DHL Global Mail International Solution provider. The certification illustrates ProShip’s long standing relationship with DHL and will further expand the shipping options available to ProShip customers all while remaining compliant.

In order to become an official DHL Global Mail International Solution provider the application process involved a series of phases. It required that ProShip administer a trial-run with a minimum of two customers that operated 10 consecutive days without any issues related to DHL global shipping. The successful completion of the certification process demonstrates the company’s commitment to remain compliant with all major carriers.

“By securing this certification, ProShip can continue to increase the shipping capabilities of our customers,” said Jeff Goeters, former ProShip director of global development. “We develop the necessary relationships with carriers, like DHL so that our customers can ship with ease and efficiency.”

ProShip also received recognition from other carriers, being named a FedEx® Compatible Diamond Solution earlier this year. The company’s ProShip® software was one of four products to receive this designation, the highest awarded by FedEx.

In addition to the company’s relationships with DHL and FedEx, ProShip is also United States Postal Service (USPS) MAC™ certified, a UPS Ready® Program provider and is certified with 50 other domestic and global carriers.

About ProShip, Inc.

ProShip, Inc. is the most trusted global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software. With simple carrier connectivity and high flexibility, ProShip enables complex features and functions, such as maintaining compliance, executing multi-carrier rate shopping with unified business logic and empowering omnichannel fulfillment. Because ProShip integrates with multiple parts of an Enterprise Software System, our multi-carrier shipping solution can automate the supply chain workflow and turn your parcel shipping operation into an efficient powerhouse. Customers who choose ProShip, choose the number one in speed, compliance, reliability and experience. For more information, visit www.proshipinc.com and follow the company on LinkedIn.