Don’t miss us speak on parcel shipping with Barrett Distribution, Saddle Creek Logistics, Fidelitone and Envista!

International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) 2018 will hold the Technology and Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference in New Orleans from September 11 through September 12. The conference will zero in on warehouse logistics processes and provide IT and operational professionals all the tools they need to increase productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.

IWLA is a group of specialized companies that provide a wide range of warehouse–based third-party logistics operations and value-added services. Members are given many opportunities to network and learn from other similar professionals. Registration for this event, and a list of other events open to members, can be found here – it’s not too late to get on the list! You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of the conference.

This year’s Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing conference will outline how many technology systems overlap with warehouse operations, and provide the chance to discuss many unique topics, such as how to manage the process of integrating new systems, training employees on new technologies, data integration and more.

Along with Barrett Distribution, Saddle Creek Logistics, Fidelitone and Envista, ProShip will be on deck to discuss the new frontier of parcel shipping on Wednesday, September 12 from 8-9:30AM:

Parcel Shipping: The New Frontier:

Parcel shipping is an important piece to the e-commerce puzzle. With higher demands for last mile and getting products to customers faster, parcel shippers are looking for new ways to meet the demands, be able to keep a positive ROI and service its customers. This session will feature round table discussions using a case study to explore the various pieces that make up this topic. Each group will present its findings.

This event will also include TechOps-focused sessions and a small exhibit hall to give attendees a peek into the latest products and demonstrations that exhibitors have to offer. Among topics discussed will be:

  • The best solution to address your operational challenges
  • What is required for implementation of those technologies
  • How new warehouse technologies work and longer-term maintenance requirements
  • Knowledge of how to measure/improve return on investment
  • How to track efficiencies

This conference is for anyone in a warehouse or logistics organization who touches, uses or oversees technology systems and operations. Specific content will be geared toward IT managers, directors, operations professionals, warehouse managers and other emerging leaders.

Be sure you don’t miss this conference and listen to ProShip speak on the future of parcel shipping, and swing by our table afterward to speak face-to-face about how our revolutionary shipping software could super boost your performance and supercharge your automation.