Rate changes, customer service and address accuracy make the top three carrier concerns.

Shipping is a critical component of supply chain logistics for retailers and e-commerce stores alike. E-tailers find it increasingly important to optimize shipping as it significantly impacts the customer experience, repeat purchasing, brand loyalty and profitability.

Shipping compliance – or non-compliance – can make or break your supply chain. When shipping compliance is achieved, ongoing rules and requirements for rating, labeling and manifest reporting are not an issue. Hence, non-compliance is a major exposure adding time, cost and risk.

But what isn’t always so easily laid out are the specific carrier compliance concerns you should be paying attention to (if you haven’t felt the pain already) and how you can tend to them. Leveraging multiple carriers and services is crucial to providing the best options and offering the most competitive shipping costs. This is where compliance can become tricky!

So ProShip conducted some research and assembled the Top 10 Carrier-Related Shipping Concerns in the retail industry. It outlines exactly where retailers are feeling the pain and includes excellent consumer insight statistics with some tips and tricks to help you out along the way.

Retailers are growing ever more concerned with how customers interact with their brands- from their overall shopping experience to the packaging and delivery. They should be, as control has clearly shifted to the customer. Retailers can see the sweetness of consumer endorsements and feel the sting of criticism in ratings and reviews.

Shipping is complicated, but automation and the right software tools will help alleviate these 10 concerns ensuring deliveries are handled just as customers expect. It’s a clear pathway to cost reductions and savings that ultimately end up back on the bottom line.