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The retail e-commerce market is booming – and only expected to continue to grow. In fact, Statista estimates that retail e-commerce market sales in the United States will reach just over $1 trillion in 2023. To stay competitive in this growing market, today’s top e-commerce companies must have a well-managed supply chain.

With so much e-commerce opportunity, businesses should focus on a basic foundation that will set their supply chain up for success – cost optimization by reducing transportation spend. One large, and sometimes costly, chunk of that transportation budget for many companies is their hazardous material shipping program.

How to manage Hazmat Shipments

Hazardous material shipments are some of the most complex, expensive, and heavily-regulated packages to ship. Because they are dangerous in nature, to both the environment and those handling the package, many rules and regulations exist to ship them.

Hear the details on hazardous material shipping in Episode 8: Do This, Not That: Dangerous Goods Shipping 101 with Labelmaster of the ProShip ParcelCast podcast.

Because of all these intricacies, your dangerous good program should be managed by an expert. Likely your team does not include an expert, so partnering with a leading provider of labels, packaging, and technology for the safe, compliant transport of dangerous good and hazardous materials is essential to managing this part of your shipping program. [Learn more about Labelmaster]

Consequences of Improper Hazmat Shipping

As the rules and regulations for shipping hazmat items continue to grow in complexity, so does the knowledge required to ship these items. Don’t forget the increased risk for non-compliance, which can in-turn lead to not only supply stops or delays, but also fines and lost revenue.

While an investigation into an individual shipment doesn’t sound too bad, consider that this one shipment could cause all of your shipments to be halted, resulting in a poor customer experience and lost revenue. If you need to amend the paperwork for a hazmat shipment, this could include delayed shipments and additional resources spent to deal with that error, whether that is monetary, time, or personnel.

This has not even touched the financial penalties for violating any of the hazmat rules or regulations. These can range from a minimum of $493 all the way up to almost $200,000 for more serious violations. [Keep Reading: How much do new civil penalties for hazmat violations actually cost you?]

Find Out How Much Improper Hazmat Shipping Can Cost You

Looking to simulate a real situation to understand how much a frustrated hazmat shipment could actually cost you? Labelmaster has provided a resource for realizing how these violations and mistakes can add up and truly affect your bottom line.

How ProShip and Labelmaster Can Help Your Business

The complexities of dangerous goods shipping have since been established, as well as the need for a partner with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, not to mention knowledge, of hazardous material shipping. Labelmaster keeps your business not only in line, but ahead of regulations and compliance requirements every step of the way.

ProShip’s flexible and automated multi-carrier shipping software solution has the strength and reliability to manage advanced functionalities, like the Integrated Labelmaster Add-On. ProShip’s system validates the shipment data against internal business rules that are managed and revised every time there are updates. The combination of ProShip x Labelmaster ensures complete complacency and backed by ProShip’s robust, in-house carrier engines, this compliance process is expedited in just seconds for each shipment.

With minimizing transportation spend through cost optimization in mind, a dangerous goods shipping solution via ProShip x Labelmaster can mitigate hazmat risks, which saves both time and money to support your businesses in the long run.

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