Are you meeting customer delivery expectations? Simplify your parcel shipping process with Automated Rate Shopping.

As we look forward to 2022, it’s clear that a number of supply chain challenges will remain. Whatever the landscape, retailers must continue to adapt to uncertain and ever-changing customer expectations for the foreseeable future. With predictions noting positive shipping and delivery experiences as the largest deciding factor for the survival of a brand, this part of the Customer Experience (CX) is now a crucial touchpoint for developing customer brand loyalty.

Because shoppers have become accustomed to fast, and sometimes even same-day delivery options during the pandemic, companies are having to flex their strategies to fit this continuous and perpetual expectation. Brands who can seamlessly determine the lowest cost carrier and service option will not only lower their transportation spend, but they will delight customers with clear delivery expectations early in the buying process. ProShip offers an answer to your parcel delivery challenge: Automated Rate Shopping.

Learn About ProShip’s 3 Rate Shopping Options

To detail the way that ProShip multi-carrier shipping software can simplify the complex process of optimizing and automating parcel shipping decisions, we put together a short informational video on the 3 rate shopping options which save time and money for both the customer and the shipper. [Watch Now]

These unique and ProShip-created options have been developed in response to some of the world’s largest retailers who saw the need for this functionality as their shipping volumes increased. For retailers who use ProShip’s elite multi-carrier shipping solution with the integrated Advanced Date Shopping software add-on, the past pandemonium from peak shipping volumes can be efficiently managed year-round.

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See ProShip in Action

[Learn more about ProShip’s Software Add-Ons] Looking to see ADS in action? Schedule a demo with our shipping experts to learn more about how implementing ProShip’s rate shopping features will streamline your shipping process and scale as your business grows.