Discover the enterprise technology stack’s effect in this ProShip webinar.

The Digital Transformation of Shipping
The Enterprise Technology Stack’s Effect

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Time: 12 p.m. CST | Duration: 50 minutes

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Today’s e-tailers are finding it imperative to optimize shipping as it significantly impacts the customer experience, repeat purchases, brand loyalty and profitability. Tackling this in an efficient, but cost-effective way is another story. In this webinar, we’ll be sharing today’s toughest, but most necessary shipping trends. Explore what it takes to build a successful enterprise technology stack to achieve those strategies, and hear real-life examples of retailers that have successfully built their enterprise technology stack to reach an elevated level of distribution efficiency, carrier integrations and a deeper value along the supply chain that delivers more benefits to their customers.

– Consumer landscape: options, experience and loyalty
– The trends in shipping: Amazon, next-day and same-day delivery, mega 3PL’s
– Optimizing shipping with the enterprise technology stack: why you need an enterprise technology stack, how to properly formulate one, inventory sources
– Top retailer examples: OMS/eCom + WMS/POS + ERP + Shipping Software
– Convincing C-Suite