The CVP Automated Packaging Solution

With right-sized packaging, eliminate common supply chain challenges associated with labor, shipping volume, throughput and reliability.

The CVP-500/Packaging by Quadient has moved to Sparck Technologies.

ProShip is no longer affiliated with the CVP product.

All CVP sales, service and/or inquiries will now go through Sparck Technologies. With over a decade of experience in the automated packaging industry, Sparck Technologies is passionate about eliminating excessive packaging and increasing operational fulfillment efficiencies.

Mason Companies Saves $1-$2 Package Shipped

This video case study tells a fun story about how an order goes from your online shopping cart all the way through delivery, and how Mason companies, an e-commerce powerhouse, benefits from two integrated supply chain technologies.

ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Making complex parcel shipping challenges simple and cost-effective.

As the most trusted global provider of automated multi-carrier shipping software for parcel, ProShip’s speed of processing and advanced technology are what customers rave about. Retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics companies who choose ProShip, choose the number one vendor in parcel shipping speed, compliance, reliability and support. Learn more.