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ProShip ParcelCast is the only podcast hyperfocused on parcel shipping for supply chain and IT professionals in the e-commerce, manufacturing, third-party logistics and healthcare industries.

ProShip ParcelCast

Listen in as parcel shipping experts discuss supply chain trends, carrier compliance, delivery speed, technological advancements and more.

On ParcelCast, you’ll hear from ProShip experts and guests from all across the parcel shipping industry discuss the topics that ultimately contribute to successful shipping strategies. The podcast focuses on advancements in our field, as well as advancing your knowledge of parcel shipping and what it can do for your company’s bottom line.

Are you a shipping or supply chain expert who is interested in becoming a guest on a future podcast? We have limited slots still available for 2021, so contact our marketing team soon to discuss participating.

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Episode 21: A Carrier’s Guide to Expecting the Parcel Delivery Unexpected

with TForce

September 26, 2022 | 26 min listen

Join ProShip’s own Justin Cramer and Dean Mills, VP of Sales & Marketing, North America at TForce Logistics as they discuss how leading brands rode the pandemic wave of e-commerce sales and how carrier diversification and more are at play for this year’s peak season.

ParcelCast Episode Library

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