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ProShip Soars Again: Three-Time FedEx Solution of the Year Award and Tenth Diamond Status

Discover how ProShip's hard work and excellence is recognized by FedEx Compatible

For the third time, ProShip has been recognized as the Solution of the Year by FedEx. This prestigious award acknowledges ProShip's continued commitment to innovation, exceptional customer service, and exceeding industry standards.

Each year, FedEx recognizes outstanding solutions that contribute significantly to the success of the FedEx ecosystem. FedEx evaluates a diverse range of solutions based on a comprehensive set of metrics. These metrics encompass critical aspects like:

  • Integration depth and breadth: Seamlessly connecting with FedEx services to empower users with a vast range of functionalities.
  • Technical innovation: Continuously developing and implementing cutting-edge features to enhance the user experience and optimize shipping processes.
  • Customer support: Providing exceptional support to ensure customers can maximize the value of their operations.
  • Market reach and impact: Demonstrating a positive impact on customer success and contributing to the growth of the FedEx ecosystem.

The top solutions can earn either Diamond, Platinum, or Community status based on their contributions and performance. Additionally, one exceptional solution is awarded the coveted Solution of the Year (SOTY) designation demonstrating a deep commitment to collaborating with FedEx.

This achievement comes on the heels of ProShip's consistent excellence as a 10-time Diamond Compatibility provider. ProShip's multi-carrier shipping software is a proven solution for businesses of all sizes, helping them optimize their shipping operations. This third consecutive "Solution of the Year" award, combined with ProShip facilitating hundreds of millions of FedEx shipments last year, solidifies their position as a major player in the parcel shipping industry. ProShip multi-carrier shipping software is the only solution to be awarded FedEx SOTY three times and Diamond Compatibility Status ten times.

Here's a closer look at how ProShip multi-carrier shipping software sets itself apart and empowers businesses to thrive:

1. Streamlined operations with a versionless system: ProShip reduces the need for costly and time-consuming software updates or downtime. Its versionless architecture ensures you always have access to the latest features and functionalities, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. No more disruptions or downtime associated with other versioned systems – ProShip seamlessly delivers the latest advancements without interrupting your workflow.

2. Deep carrier expertise and parcel-focused foundation: ProShip's foundation lies in its parcel-focused expertise. This translates to deep understanding of carrier regulations, complexities, and best practices. ProShip’s carrier-agnostic shipping software empowers you to reliably navigate the ever-evolving shipping landscape with confidence.

3. Seamless integration and end-to-end visibility: ProShip seamlessly integrates with your existing Enterprise Software Stack (ESS), such as your WMS, OMS, and ERP. This integration fosters end-to-end visibility and control over your entire shipping process. Streamline workflows and gain valuable insights – all within a unified platform.

4. The last shipping software you’ll ever need:
No matter how many origins you’re shipping from (distribution centers, stores, drop-ship manufacturers, or other third-party vendors), or how many carriers you use, ProShip multi-carrier shipping software scales with your business during peak season and beyond.

ProShip's commitment to innovation, customer-centric approach, and dedication to exceeding expectations have been instrumental in securing its third Solution of the Year win. By choosing ProShip, mid- to enterprise-level retailers, manufacturers, healthcare companies and third-party logistics organizations gain a comprehensive solution that helps them successfully navigate the complexities of the shipping world.

To learn more about the top three reasons why modern shippers choose ProShip, dive into this detailed and comprehensive White Paper.

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