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[ProShip ParcelCast] Episode 29: Inventory, Reporting, Visibility and AI – The WMS Conversation

In today’s digital age, marked by complex supply chains and soaring customer expectations, efficient warehouse management has become a vital component to success. With customers expecting quick and accurate order fulfillment, businesses need to optimize their warehouse operations to guarantee seamless inventory management, streamlined processes, and fast deliveries. Utilizing an effective warehouse management system (WMS) enables businesses to reduce costs, accurately manage inventory, minimize errors, and improve their overall operational efficiency. In the existing competitive landscape, efficient warehouse management has become an imperative strategy for businesses aiming to succeed and surpass competitors in a rapidly changing market.

In this ParcelCast episode, Co-Founder of ProShip, Justin Cramer, is accompanied by Mike Mullane, EVP of Warehouse Solutions of Fog Software Group. The pair discuss the evolution of warehouse management systems over the past two decades, including who and why a company might benefit from utilizing WMS software.  

Mike and Justin begin the conversation by identifying concerns relating to both labor and space and how the pandemic has shifted the way companies value and utilize both. They discuss warehouse demographics, evaluating the shift from the original brick and mortar stores to a spike in e-commerce over the past two years, and finally into the direct-to-consumer platforms we see more of today. Mike explains more about the WMS market and the factors that help determine what type of WMS a company should be looking for. The conversation transitions into identifying some pain points that a WMS can solve for businesses who may be using a system that’s too restrictive for their needs. Lastly, the two wrap up in a discussion about the future, exploring the exciting possibilities and advancements of AI in WMS software and what that might look like.

Is your warehouse management system providing the functionality you need? Tune in to find out!

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