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Seamless Shipping Solutions: Combining Best-in-Class Over the Road and Parcel Technology

The average shipper is manually referencing 10 sources of information to manage their shipping processes, including carrier portals, spreadsheets, TMS and ERP systems. This patchwork of manual processes creates complex and disjointed processes that introduce drag into your operations. Join Banyan Technology and strategic partner, ProShip, as they discuss how two best-in-class solutions combine to respond to the needs created by an uncertain parcel and freight landscape for the remainder of the year. In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn… -How the remainder of 2023 will affect your shipping operations -How companies need to pivot their tech stack to respond -Why simplifying the complexities of parcel and freight shipping is critical -How the current landscape pushes the need for a seamless solution for both parcel and freight execution Speakers: Alan Minton, Chief Revenue Officer at Banyan Technology Justin Cramer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ProShip