Do you have a full understanding of your customer types? If not, you might not be capitalizing on the shipping options that best meet their needs.

By carefully assessing your customer’s needs alongside your products and services, you’ll be able to narrow down the shipping options that will help give your e-commerce business the best chance at success.

Customer Profiles When Thinking about Shipping

Here are five customer profiles and the innovative shipping options that best match their needs:

Profile 1: “I need this now!” – Last minute or impulse buyer

I need Hyperlocal Shipping: The ultimate instant gratification, hyperlocal deliveries are made between one to three hours, and rely on a nimble fulfillment system and carrier network.

Suitable for: Perishables, gifts, highly anticipated product releases

[ 34% of shoppers are willing to pay a premium for this service ]

Profile 2: “I like to plan my day.” – Well-organized, penny saver.

I need Click & Collect: Also known as ‘in-store pick-up’ or ‘buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPUS)’. Click and collect enables customers to pick-up their online orders in physical stores. It’s a great multichannel tactic to encourage customers to shop more, and is usually a free or nominally charged option. To avoid labor costs, many companies are now choosing parcel lockers.

Suitable for: Everyday essentials

[ 31% of shoppers are willing to pay a premium for this service ]

Profile 3: “I want the best deals.” – Sales, discount hunter

I need Super Saver: Super Saver enables multiple items in a single order to be grouped into as few shipments as possible. This method is a smart way to save on packaging and multiple carrier fees, and customers will receive their orders later – between five to eight business days.

Suitable for: Budget buys, sale items, post-holiday shopping

Profile 4: “I’m never home.” – Time-poor shopper

I need After Hours Delivery: After hours delivery gives customers a chance to receive their online orders when they arrive home from work or over the weekend. This reduces the need for multiple re-delivery attempts, or for the customer to make time to travel to a depot or post office to pick up the item.

Suitable for: All items

[ 38% of shoppers are willing to pay a premium for this service ]

Profile 5: “I’m trying to save the Earth.” – The Environmentalist

I need Right-Size Packaging: Being able to deliver orders in a custom-fit box can mean a lot to your customers. It shows you care about the environment and want to lower your company’s carbon footprint. This kind of packaging yields less waste and puts your eco-friendly customers at ease. Many top e-commerce companies are failing at this.

Suitable for: All items

[ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a UK writer and broadcaster, has started a #WarOnWaste in the UK ]

Properly evaluating your customer profiles can give you insight as to which shipping options and technologies your business really needs to take advantage of. To meet the expectations of today’s customers, businesses have a unique opportunity to re-imagine their supply chain and create meaningful, cost-effective customer experiences.