Learn about top moments from Day 1 of the virtual ProS Who Know.

Day 1 is complete of the second annual ProS Who Know. This educational virtual event felt familiar yet different for those listening in. The familiar themes of peak planning and managing supply chain costs were touched on in the three presentations from logistics experts throughout the day. With differences in timing and approach, parcel industry professionals shared innovative trend analyses for 2021 and key strategies for balancing cost reduction and delivery timelines. [Watch the recordings]

Here are some of the top moments from the first day:


The first presentation got off to a great start with an informative and technical session on business intelligence and transportation optimization. Guest speaker, Michael Falls of enVista, and hosts, Tony Verrill and Bill Schroeder (both of ProShip), provided commentary on the current state of the parcel network and how shifting market changes like omnichannel fulfillment initiatives have affected the industry landscape. Key information they touched on were common industry problems and business intelligence solutions for navigating surcharges to optimize transportation spend and transit time. With quantitative benefits and the implementation process a part of that analytics solution journey, attendees gained insight into measuring the impact of an advanced transportation optimization and management system.


Next, host Justin Cramer, Co-Founder of ProShip, sat down with Maria Haggerty, of Dotcom Distribution, a 3PL who has a legacy of braving tough times – from humble beginnings at the burst of the dot-com bubble through the pandemic of this past year. Presenters looked at what qualities helped Dotcom survive and thrive during the pandemic as well has how their focus on emerging prestige brands has served them well and supported a positive customer experience. With tips for onboarding carriers as well as how to make it easier to partner with a 3PL, this session had valuable and beneficial (especially for peak season) information for all attendees. Questions from the audience prompted an explanation of some of the advanced capabilities that are possible because of the partnership with ProShip and Dotcom like advanced date shopping.


The last virtual webinar of the day featured executives Josh Dinneen, of Lasership, and Dick Metzler, of LSO. They were joined by Justin Cramer and David McQuinn of ProShip. Presenters had a lively conversation on topics ranging from the competitiveness of the regional space and the volatility of the market all the way to any cut offs already happening for onboarding new customers for 2021. A key comparison between regional carriers and national carriers looked at the available service level from both in key categories like technical excellence, speed, reliability and visibility. With flexibility and a “serve you” approach, regional carrier strategies are gaining ground. Both Josh and Dick shared a peak behind the curtain at onboarding their business as well as integration timeline scenarios and knowledge. Audience participation fueled a discussion of coverage expansion from both carriers as well as package requirements.

There is still time to [Register] to join us tomorrow for more content-packed webinars including an informational session on ProShip’s first User Conference, Converge. Get all the details at 11am-12pm CST. Later in the day, Clint Boaz of ProShip, is joined by 3 parcel shipping expert consultants:

This special Q&A session will take a look at how to prepare for peak 2021 and beyond. Experts will have time for the audience to ask their burning questions about their own parcel shipping strategy.

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