Read about the highlights from Day 2 of the ProS Who Know virtual parcel-focused event.

Day 2 of the second annual virtual ProS Who Know is now over, and that puts an end to this content-packed event. With yesterday’s sessions still fresh on the minds of attendees, presenters had their work cut out to top the supply chain insight given previously about optimization, partnerships, and strategy.

A major topic for both sessions today was letting history guide the journey forward. Here are some highlights from these sessions:

Converge Details with ProShip Experts

ProShip president, Bill Schroeder, used the webinar platform to discuss the incredible value that participating in the Converge event will bring.

Schroeder brought up some great discussion points that set the tone for the vision that Converge will bring to life:

  • A peak behind the curtain of the organizational structure of Constellation Software and how ProShip fits in
  • Strengths in the FOG Software portfolio and lack of obstacles for sharing intellectual property among the other software brands
  • Specifics of the Converge event including a closer look at the venue, speaker and off-site event
  • Highlights of some of the ProShip specific sessions and how it will fit those attending whether IT, supply chain, users or C-Suite
  • Callouts for sponsors, especially those who currently partner with ProShip
  • A ProShip Customer Special Co-Marketing Opportunity [Reach out to learn more!]
  • Benefits to attendees like access to free consulting, opportunities to benchmark with other ProShip customers, and educational tips and tricks for getting the most out of your ProShip software

Expert Consultants Share Peak Strategies

The last session of ProS Who Know featured an incredible parcel shipping knowledge panel. Clint Boaz of ProShip was joined by Nate Skiver of LPF Spend Management, Mark Taylor of enVista and Josh Mayer of Summit Advisory Team

These experts shared insight into a number of peak-related topics including:

  • Typical peak planning guidelines
  • Specific examples of what 2020 has taught us and how to apply that to 2021
  • Complexities associated with any year-round peak planning activities
  • How E-Commerce growth has played a factor in the overall parcel shipping ecosystem
  • Impact of carrier capacity constraints with specific looks at the national and regional carriers
  • Any last minute prep you can still include for 2021
  • What you can do to look ahead to 2022

While the live sessions are over, you can still access all of these experts and their innovative and informational content. Set up a meeting to discuss a specific part of any of these sessions or sign up to get copies of each of the recorded sessions!

View ProShip’s entire webinar library here.