ProShip customers can now utilize GoBolt for a sustainable single carrier end-to-end delivery experience

ProShip is excited to announce a new addition to our carrier library, GoBolt. The integration of our two companies, a multi-carrier shipping software platform and a technology company offering a complete end-to-end delivery experience, provides all current and prospective customers with a way to ship easily and efficiently.

GoBolt is a technology company dedicated to creating a sustainable and vertically integrated supply chain network. Driven by sustainability, they recognize the harmful effects of carbon emissions from logistics operations on the environment. Because of this, they have set out to make impactful changes.

This partnership comes at a crucial time as more and more consumers take a company’s sustainable efforts into high consideration when deciding if they utilize them. According to research, GoBolt finds that 68% of today’s consumers plan to make their purchases based on a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, 88% of shoppers show customer loyalty to brands that prioritize sustainable efforts.

GoBolt’s purpose and our service offerings are built off our commitment to sustainability,” says Jarrett Stewart, SVP, Commercial at GoBolt. “Our current goal is to provide carbon neutral last mile deliveries by the end of 2023. To do that, we’re building out our EV fleet, optimizing our operations, calculating our emissions and sequestering our carbon footprint.”

As a provider of a complete end-to-end delivery experience, GoBolt operates as an extension to each merchant’s team. They are involved from the moment a customer places an order, through fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and reverse logistics. Utilizing this single carrier approach creates a simplified and seamless process. GoBolt also provides enhanced delivery options, fast shipping, order tracking, and SMS notifications for deliveries from small parcels to big and bulky items.

“At ProShip, our primary focus is on the evolving needs of our customers, and we achieve this by providing them with unique and innovative carriers that can effectively adapt to their ever-changing shipping demands. The addition of GoBolt to our carrier library further reinforces our commitment to our customer base. With GoBolt on board, we hope to leverage their strengths and the comprehensive offerings of ProShip to lower transactional costs, reduce our collective carbon footprint, provide a seamless and fast delivery experience, as well as an exceptional customer experience.”

Dan Scott, Manager of Research & Development at ProShip

At ProShip, we deeply appreciate the value of every carrier partner that joins our library. These partners play a vital role in enabling our robust multi-carrier shipping software to operate seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring customers receive a reliable and positive shipping experience fit for their individual needs.

To get the GoBolt carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About GoBolt:

GoBolt takes a firsthand approach to third-party logistics, providing its partners with complete control over their customer experience. Founded back in 2017, GoBolt continues to deliver phenomenal experiences for world-class brands. They are present in 10 significant markets in the United States and Canada. Additionally, they are expanding their network of delivery hubs and fulfillment centers.

Utilizing their fleet of electric delivery vehicles and range of proprietary applications developed and supported by their in-house engineers, GoBolt enables a transparent, controlled, and enhanced brand experience.