Listen in as ProShip’s Co-Founder tackles some of the keys for peak season in an unstable shipping landscape

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the supply chain has been jolted again and again by disruptions. Where previously, experts could predict the major ebbs and flows of capacity and pricing, volatility has become one of the real issues. This volatility has largely meant that shippers have not been able to accurately plan for any industry shifts.  

Now that another peak season has come and gone did you listen to the experts or were you caught unprepared for any swift market changes?

The Supply Chain Interview

ProShip’s own Justin Cramer, sat down with Supply Chain Brain at last year’s Parcel Forum to give some advice ahead of the upcoming peak shipping season. While we can’t go back in time, we can heed this advice while the details are still fresh. Justin encourages thorough and comprehensive documentation of what worked and what didn’t.  

As we look forward to next year’s peak, Justin shares that looking for supply chain implementations that focus on flexibility and agility will prepare your shipping program to adapt as your needs change, i.e. carriers and carrier services.  He also touches on changes to look for your Enterprise Software Stack (ESS) and what partner groups can’t be left off that list.

Listen in now!

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