Join the shipping experts from ProShip and Tforce Logistics as they talk Peak Season 2022

We are all familiar with the major influx of e-commerce sales that came during the pandemic. If we break it down by the numbers, the US Census Bureau calls out a 43% increase in e-commerce sales from 2019 to 2020. How some shipping carriers thrived (while others barely survived) may not be as familiar to all. 

For this month’s ParcelCast episode, ProShip host, Jerri Dixon is joined by Justin Cramer and Dean Mills, the VP of Sales & Marketing, North America at Tforce Logistics. The three break down how leading brands rode the pandemic wave of e-commerce sales and discuss what factors are at play for this year’s peak season. 

Dean and Justin examine strategies that have worked in the past and forecast how those tactics will fare this year and in those to come. Dean shares the next step in carrier diversification – hint: it’s not about just the number of carriers in your library! Finally, sharpen your pencil and take some notes as both parties share some homework that shippers can do to prepare for Peak 2023 and beyond.

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