Learn more about the 6 sessions at the 3rd annual ProS Who Know virtual event.

We are still coming off the high from a jam-packed week of educational and insightful parcel (and LTL!) logistics webinars. This year’s 3rd annual ProS Who Know Virtual Event brought together industry leaders and shipping experts from 10 different companies to share strategies for a successful supply chain program and discuss what they see on the horizon for 2023.  

If you missed these sessions, not to worry! We have the on-demand versions ready to watch at your leisure.

Learn why diversifying your parcel carrier mix is crucial:

[Emerging Carrier Panel]
Closing the Door and Opening a Window: A Diversified Alternative Carrier Mix

With the prolific rise in e-commerce over the pasts several years, shippers have had to adjust their parcel strategy to navigate the shifting capacity demands of an evolving landscape. Those who have found success have uncovered one of the most underutilized assets in today’s shipping landscape: alternative carriers. In this session, learn why alternative carriers are a viable and credible option for shippers as well as the details of building a carrier augmentation strategy.

Featured Experts:

  • Vincent D’Amato, US Head of Sales & Strategic Alliances at PARCLL 
  • Frank Parisi, Vice President of Sales at ShipX 
  • Peter Sheldon, SVP of Strategy & Growth at X Delivery
  • Jerri Dixon, Alliance Manager at ProShip, Inc.

Learn how to gain a competitive edge with BI:

[URBN’s BI Success] The Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing a Successful Transportation Business Intelligence Program

If your crystal ball isn’t quite showing a clear picture, your brand could likely benefit from understanding what’s working, what’s not and how to improve your transportation program. And with evolving customer delivery expectations driving innovation, a competitive advantage of business intelligence has never been more important in the e-commerce landscape. Hear from the business intelligence experts at this ProS Who Know session to learn about data mistakes to avoid, how to measure success, and examples of how data can tell the story of success or failure. Experts will highlight how to set up your analytics program for success from Day 1 – Hint: You have to work backwards to look forwards!

Featured Experts:

  • Brett Hamrick, Senior Manager of BI & Analytics at enVista
  • Gabrielle Murabito, Supply Chain Manager at URBN
  • Tony Verrill, Director of Enterprise Sales at ProShip, Inc.

Take a closer look at trends in the LTL and TL industries:

[LTL Tech Strategies] The More You Know: LTL vs. TL Rating & Differing Strategies

Shipping costs continue to plague many shippers. Those who have found success have done so by employing advanced functionality and technological capabilities to stay one step ahead of the competition. Join this ProS Who Know session to hear how trending topics and environmental factors are impacting the LTL industry, as well as where opportunities lie for those looking to thrive. Speakers will also look onto the horizon for what peak season 2022 will bring and what the future holds for shipping in 2023.

Featured Experts:

Learn how to utilize green initiatives in supply chain strategy:

[Sustainability Consultant] The Enormous Importance of Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Is your lack of sustainability in your supply chain holding you back from efficiency and productivity? Join this ProS Who Know session to dive into sustainable tactics for optimizing your supply chain as well as success stories utilizing green initiatives for sustainable energy from a supply chain industry veteran. She will connect the dots between automation and sustainability and introduce concepts for setting up your sustainability program for 2022 and beyond.

Featured Experts:

2023 Parcel shipping planning in uncertain times:

[Expert Parcel Panel] Pivoting to a 2023 Mindset: What It Really Takes to Thrive in a Time of Parcel Volatility

Nearly everyone is struggling with the number of parcel shipping unknowns. With inflation, labor costs, and warehouse constraints all complicating the bigger picture, where is a shipper to turn? ProShip has gathered the experts to forecast what they see for 2023 (capacity, competition, and carriers) and provide a detailed analysis of dynamic parcel pricing. Hear tips and tricks for approaching your carrier portfolio including benefits and risks to carrier diversification. Be prepared for words of wisdom from some of the best minds in the parcel shipping landscape – nearly 100 years of experience combined!

Featured Experts:

Cutting-edge shipping tactics using packaging automation:

[Packaging Automation] How Cutting-Edge End of Line Packaging Automation is Driving Innovation

When it comes to your brands’ supply chain, it can be tempting to stick with what works. But with technology driving innovation, your brand stands to gain efficiencies by incorporating automation into your supply chain program. In this ProS Who Know session, attendees will hear the trends and cutting-edge tactics propelling the supply chain industry forward, as well as best practices in packaging automation. Experts will share a closer look at the ROI and increased throughput these automation strategies can offer and integrations that compound success.

Featured Experts:

  • Jack Mahoney, Director of Integration Strategy at Pregis
  • James O’Gorman at Pregis
  • Dave Salter, Business Development Representative at ProShip, Inc.

What was your favorite session? Each session has something to increase your parcel supply chain knowledge. Whether that is finding ways to optimize your transportation program with business intelligence, incorporating sustainability initiatives in your supply chain, or expanding your carrier portfolio with alternative carriers, one thing is clear: a supply chain and logistics professionals work is never done.

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