The new Shipping App will offer ProShip customers a universally compatible solution to improve operations and find new efficiencies

In a rapidly evolving business landscape where staying ahead of the competition is crucial, ProShip, a leader in multi-carrier shipping software solutions, unveils its latest innovation: the ProShip Shipping App. This browser-based application is designed to modernize shipping operations by providing a modern user interface (UI), seamless device configuration for hardware, such as scanners, scales, and thermal barcode printers, and centralized, automated business rules—all while minimizing IT footprint and setup complexities.

The ProShip Shipping App comes at a time when enterprise brands are seeking advanced shipping technology to optimize their logistics operations and enhance distribution efficiency. This powerful solution offers a range of customer-driven features that cater to today’s shipping demands, from printing labels and rate shopping to streamlining manifest finalization. With its lightweight footprint, robust capabilities, and seamless integration options, the ProShip Shipping App will help customers reshape their shipping and fulfillment processes.

Benefit of the Shipping App

Discover some of the key features of the Shipping App below.

Universal Compatibility and Streamlined Operations

One of the key highlights of the ProShip Shipping App is its universal compatibility. Built to support shipping, voiding, and closeout operations across all browsers and platforms, the Shipping App offers unmatched flexibility. This means that users can access their shipping operations from any intranet-connected device, empowering them to manage their shipping processes on the go. Whether it’s desktop shipping or fully automated warehouse solutions, the Shipping App provides a unified operation to accommodate diverse workflows.

Minimal IT Footprint and Modern User Interface

The Shipping App addresses the ever-present concern of IT overhead and setup complexities. By streamlining client workstation requirements, ProShip has reduced the burden on IT departments, enabling quicker deployment and reducing implementation time. Alongside the minimal IT footprint, the Shipping App boasts a modern user interface. The intuitive design ensures that shipping operations can be managed with ease, regardless of the user’s technical background.

Simple Integration with the Enterprise Software Stack (ESS)

The Shipping App seamlessly integrates into the rest of the ESS. Centralized configuration and centralized business rules allow customers to make changes once and apply them everywhere, enterprise wide. Additionally, the accelerated deployment process of the Shipping App ensures a faster path to realizing a return on investment, allowing businesses to start reaping the benefits sooner.

Streamlined Shipping Operations with ProShip’s Efficient Shipping App

“The ProShip Shipping App represents a significant leap forward in shipping technology,” Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip. “We understand the challenges faced by enterprise shippers in today’s dynamic market, and we are committed to providing solutions that empower businesses to optimize their shipping operations. The Shipping App offers unparalleled convenience, scalability, and integration capabilities that will transform the way businesses manage their shipping processes.”

The ProShip Shipping App is a feature-packed solution designed to benefit shipping and logistics operations across various industries. Its browser-based UI offers flexibility, the device connector ensures rapid communication with hardware, and the integration layer guarantees seamless compatibility with existing systems. With enhanced application security measures, businesses can trust that their shipping processes are protected from potential threats. The addition of the Shipping App to ProShip’s industry-leading parcel solutions proves ProShip’s core focus to remain on multi-carrier parcel shipping products that will serve customers not only today but for any logistical challenges the future may bring.

To add the Shipping App to your environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

Shipping App Brochure

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