Listen in to learn more about how business intelligence can up your shipping game

In an age where nearly everything is seamlessly connected through technology, it comes as no surprise that the role of technology has evolved into a complex and pivotal aspect of many modern-day businesses, especially the shipping industry. While the shipping industry may appear as a straightforward and routine process from the outside, what goes on behind the scenes is far more complex. Business intelligence (BI) technology is a tool that helps businesses by offering insights and information to empower them towards improved operations. These tools are significantly beneficial when it comes to navigating the intricate challenges of the parcel shipping landscape with precision and strategy.

In this ParcelCast episode

In this month’s episode of ProShip ParcelCast, we’ve brought together two supply chain experts from ProShip and Korber: Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip, and Brett Hamrick, Director of BI & Analytics at Korber. The two discuss the power of business intelligence and the important roles it can play in improving a shipping company’s operational efficiency. 

They begin the episode by discussing why shipping companies should first focus on analyzing their parcel spend, and the specific insights that this closer look can offer. The conversation continues into validation and how implementing the right BI platform with the right automated shipping software systems, brings  both flexibility and real-time visibility to the components affecting your data, so brands can quickly and effectively make changes to empower the customer. 

These supply chain experts strongly advise shippers against waiting until peak season to start analyzing and making changes to their data; this timing is far too late if businesses want to remain competitive. Furthermore, Cramer and Hamrick conclude with a discussion on the value a dedicated analyst brings to a company – including things like identifying data challenges and improving the overall customer experience.

Want to learn more about the understanding that a dedicated supply chain analyst can objectively bring to your organization? Tune in to find out!

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