Innovative One-day and Two-day shipper, Pandion, will be added to ProShip’s vast carrier library

ProShip, Inc., is excited to expand service availabilities with an e-commerce delivery service that has been exclusively designed for the unique challenges of e-commerce, Pandion. From the same people who built one-day and two-day shipping at Amazon and Walmart, Pandion can offer retailers a purpose-built end-to-end shipping network which improves their supply chain with faster, more reliable, Green and Guaranteed and cost-effective delivery services.

Why choose Pandion via ProShip?

Executives at Pandion recognized early on that the online shopping demands of the current e-commerce landscape were not being met by small parcel networks, resulting in late packages and often, poor customer experiences. With the exponential growth of e-commerce over the last several years, the efficiency of a brand’s logistics program has never been more crucial.

Pandion has taken this lapse in the market and filled it with a next-generation delivery management system that uses advanced technologies, like machine learning, to avoid shipping delays and optimize delivery networks. With a team of experts in the Data Science, supply chain and logistics industries, Pandion’s innovative shipping solution delivers a one-day and two-day delivery experience. Because the system has been optimized for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) shipping, retailers will have better control over not only the customer experience with an improved on-time delivery, but also be able to better manage the available capacity within their supply chain.

“As our retail customers continue to grow and expand their omnichannel fulfillment capabilities, ProShip will keep pace to expand our carrier options,” says Dan Scott, Manager of Research & Development at ProShip. “ProShip’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Software allows customers to ease capacity constraints and manage their shipping costs through busy peak seasons and every time in-between. Because Pandion shares ProShip’s focus on flexibility and agility to scale capacity up or down as necessary, the partnership just makes sense.”

ProShip puts customer needs first.

ProShip puts customers first and is always receptive to partnering with innovative carriers that can offer unique or expanded shipping services or service areas to our customers. Collaborating with elite carriers has always produced a better platform that can ebb and flow with the changing supply chain environment to produce elevated customer experiences.   

ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist to get the Pandion carrier module added to their ProShip environment.

About ProShip, Inc.

ProShip is the industry-leader in automated multi-carrier parcel shipping software for mid- to enterprise-size shippers. We empower some of the world’s largest companies to ship at lighting speeds, stay carrier compliant 24/7/365 and build stronger than ever customer revenue streams.

For over 20 years, customers around the world have trusted ProShip’s time-tested supply chain technology and advanced functionality to simplify complex parcel shipping challenges, deliver on our promise of speed, compliance, support and flexibility, and cultivate positive customer experiences.

ProShip, Inc. is owned by FOG Software Group, a division of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). The FOG Software Group acquires, manages, and builds software companies in a variety of vertical markets, enabling them to be clear leaders in their industries. FOG Software is highly experienced in the software industry and shares our belief in the importance of technological advancement and exceptional customer support.

About Pandion

We are a technology-first transportation provider. Tailor-made for e-commerce, we deliver a high performing one-day and two-day delivery experience for all. At Pandion, we are building the next-generation e-commerce delivery network. Machine learning is built into the foundation of our network—resulting in faster, more precise, and more reliable integration with last-mile delivery. As a result, our network yields better on-time-delivery and allows for higher asset utilization, so shippers get better performance and happier customers with lower costs.