Check out this eBook (and Workbook!) to learn how to make the case for multi-carrier shipping software in the new year

The past few years have not been easy for shippers. As e-commerce has grown exponentially and then saw a steady slowdown, shippers have had to have a flexible program and technology that can scale as needed – or be left in the dust of those who do. In addition to e-commerce growth, shippers have also been dealing with an abundance of inventory, labor constraints, and rising peak season shipping costs over the past year.  

With next year just around the corner, supply chain strategies for this year’s peak season are set in stone. But the work is not done just yet!

Now is the time for enterprise retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers to dive into the details of their peak season. To help you start this post-mortem, ProShip is offering 2 free supply chain resources to help your team understand this data and unearth the insights that will help you make decisions for 2023 and beyond.

The eBook will help you…

Gather the Facts: What worked and what didn’t this peak season?  

Address Your Pain Points​: Dive into peak season fails – do we remove or adjust? 

Calculate Potential ROI: What strategies can help you save big?

To make this analysis and planning even easier, the ProShip team has created a Peak Season Documentation Workbook that can help your company track, record, and evaluate all the key metrics from your 2022 peak season.

With all your data in hand, shippers can transform their parcel strategy by incorporating multi-carrier shipping software, streamlining your shipping processes and supercharging your bottom line.

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