Check out the on-demand freight and parcel shipping webinar featuring ProShip, WorldLink and Banyan Technology

This has been a record-setting year, in more ways than one. According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday set a record of $11.3 billion in online spending. Experts are suggesting that this was driven by heavy discounting from retailers looking to spur demand during a record-high inflation. One thing that will remain constant – supply chain fluctuations. As technology advances and the customer experience changes, shippers will need to keep pace or find themselves left in the dust. They will need to employ cutting-edge shipping strategies and utilize innovative services to meet the needs of these evolving customers.

ProShip recently shared the spotlight with Banyan Technology and WorldLink to take a deep dive into how shippers can utilize technology to keep pace with the changing customer expectations in the freight and parcel markets. All 3 speakers offered a high-level look at what the current environment is and what we can expect to see in the next year. They also discuss what solutions exist for solving some common problems of multi-mode shippers.

Missed the live session? Check out the on-demand version at your convenience!

Expert Webinar Session on Multi-Mode Shipping

Listen in as 3 parcel and freight industry veterans discuss the state of both industries and how to employ multi-mode strategies to increase agility and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving supply chain.

During this session, you’ll hear more about…

  • The state of the freight and parcel modes heading into 2023
  • Multi-mode strategies to remain agile to evolving supply chains
  • How to work multi-mode strategies into your operations
  • Over-the-road modes you have access to in WorldLink


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