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If your brand’s presence wasn’t totally focused on the e-commerce experience before the pandemic – then it surely must be now. The shifts in consumer behavior from pandemic factors, like working from home and quarantine, propelled e-commerce nearly 10 years into the future. Some brands had strategies in place that allowed them to pivot and were prepared for this influx of online shopping – while others had to close their doors. In fact, at least 8,300 US stores closed in 2020 alone. Brands that survived found success in a flexible supply chain strategy with a strong technologically advanced foundation.

The E-Commerce BOOM and the Shipping Technology Reinventing the Way Companies Ship Parcel

With peak season increasing parcel volumes by the thousands (or even millions) daily for enterprise brands, the right shipping technology can make or break your supply chain, with either a streamlined approach or disruptions and obstacles constantly slowing you down. Parcel shipping software simplifies the complex challenges that all shippers are facing – whether that is rising shipping costs, limited capacity, or labor shortages. A multi-carrier solution from an elite and trusted provider like ProShip tackles the problems facing shippers today, while incorporating the necessary flexibility to adapt as the landscape changes.