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ProShip is proud to announce our inclusion in the 2023 US Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards! ProShip’s industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software is nominated for Best Fulfillment Advancement at the NRF-sponsored awards ceremony in January. This is an industry celebration of the solution providers who power the retail ecosystem, and these awards recognize brands who are making changes that promote meaningful partnerships with retailers, furthering innovation for everyone involved.

VIP Award Ceremony Details

The Vendors in Partnership Awards ceremony will be held at Gotham Hall in NYC. Located in the iconic Midtown landmark building that once housed Greenwich Savings Bank, the ceremony venue features a 9,000 square-foot Ballroom with 70-foot ceiling and an ornate stained-glass skylight. Judges include industry leaders from across the retail space with background in Crocs, The Vitamin Shoppe, Wharton School, and NRF. Voting began Wednesday, November 2 and concludes Friday, December 2, 2022. The ceremony presentation will be at National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Retail’s Big Show on Friday, January 13th, 2023.

Best Fulfillment Advancement Award

Within the Supply Chain Innovation category, the Best Fulfillment Advancement Award recognizes a solution that addresses the multiple channels and new requirements for order fulfillment and returns processing. After all, merchandise distribution is a complex process and accuracy is key. With retailers needing to provide fast and convenient service to meet the high expectations of customers, they need a solution that addresses “anywhere” order fulfillment.

Reasons to Vote for ProShip

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Shippers have not had it easy for the past couple years and the crystal ball still isn’t providing a clear picture of the future of e-commerce. They are dealing with several macroeconomic factors: from the aftermath of the pandemic to labor shortages, inflation, political conflicts and more. The “new normal” has shifted the baseline for supply chain success – deepening the layers of necessary parcel shipping capabilities which can only be achieved with shipping systems that can tackle the unpredictability still threatening today.

Complexity of inventory locations, delivery methods, as well as carriers and services, make the execution of an effective parcel shipping program even more difficult. As retail shippers face these challenging issues, implementing a multi-carrier shipping software (MCSS) can help intercept these concerns to find supply chain success. ProShip’s industry-leading and innovative MCSS tackles…

Rising shipping costs and increasing surcharges

ProShip’s shipping software solution incorporates various methods of Rate Shopping, technology that compares shipping carriers, services, and modes to cost-effectively get shipments out to customers quickly. ProShip’s elite solution completes these complex calculations in just a fraction of a second, without disrupting productivity.

Capacity constraints

With a broad library of carrier and service options, ProShip makes it easy to onboard additional carriers quickly and efficiently to ease capacity constraints and increase shipping options. [Top 4 Myths About Carrier Diversification]

Unclear and disconnected shipping information

ProShip’s cutting-edge software solution employs a seamless integration into the other pieces of your Enterprise Software Stack (ESS), automating and optimizing the way that your systems (ERP, OMS, WMS, etc.) work together to disperse the necessary shipping information. The MCSS serves as the hub for rating, shipping, and validating package information, providing costs, documents and tracking information to the systems that need it. Learn more about How ProShip Works.

Limited shipping capabilities

Omnichannel shipping capabilities are now a requirement to meet growing customer delivery expectations. ProShip’s shipping software solution includes seamless execution, no matter the inventory source (distribution centers, stores, manufacturers and 3PL partners), reducing transit times and improving transportation spend. Advanced shipping logic utilizes the best source of inventory to meet customer needs and provide a flawless Customer Experience (CX).

ProShip’s MCSS solves shipping pain points that are pressing now and preserves the flexibility to adapt as your needs change. ProShip’s parcel solution scales to meet new transactional speed requirements while seamlessly onboarding new carriers. ProShip’s robust features, like Advanced Date Shopping, will help make smarter shipping decisions, reducing fulfillment costs overall. Compliance won’t be a concern with constant surveillance and preparation for compliance-related changes, all while maintaining the proper documentation for shipping any items, even dangerous goods.

 As the trusted solution for over 35% of NRF’s Top 25 Retailers, customers around the world trust ProShip’s time-tested supply chain technology, delivering on speed, compliance, support, and flexibility, cultivating positive customer experiences unlike any other. Advanced functionality arm today’s enterprise shippers with the tools they need for a competitive edge and parcel shipping success. ProShip’s MCSS streamlines the supply chain workflow to build stable and thriving revenue streams for now and in the future!

Our Final Pitch for ProShip

As the only multi-carrier shipping software to earn FedEx Compatible Diamond Solution status every year since the program began, ProShip stands out from the rest. With 2 previous FedEx Partner of the Year awards also on our resume, 2022 was ProShip’s 9th consecutive year of Diamond Solution status.

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