ProShip receives its 9th FedEx Diamond status – a testimonial for its hard work and excellence

Sometimes it’s good to stand out from the crowd. As the only multi-carrier shipping software to earn FedEx Compatible Diamond Solution status every year since the program began, ProShip definitely stands out. With 2 previous Partner of the Year awards also on our resume, 2022 is ProShip’s 9th consecutive year of Diamond Solution status.

How Vendors are Evaluated for the Award

  • Customer compliance
  • Year-over-year growth in volume
  • Revenues and customer installations
  • Percentage of customer renewals on the newest software versions
  • Maintaining annual software certifications

ProShip puts great effort in consistently providing exceptional FedEx service – it’s 9-year run is a testament to this excellence.

Thoughts from ProShip’s Executive Team on 9th Diamond Status Achievement

Bill Schroeder, ProShip’s President says, “ProShip can only accomplish these high levels of performance because of our people. Our people have the experience and expertise to deliver superior results to our customers. That experience cannot be learned in any schools or university- it has to be earned by years of tackling some of the most difficult and complex problems in parcel logistics. That’s why we strive to hire only the best in the industry. We are honored to work closely with FedEx and, with so many former FedEx employees on the ProShip team, we’re truly able to give our customers the most well-informed advice in regards to FedEx products.”

ProShip’s Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, shares, “ProShip prides itself on our trusted carrier partnerships. We know that consistent, reliable performance is key when looking for an elite enterprise solution. We are so proud that our team has maintained Diamond Status for 9 consecutive years.”

Director of Research and Development at ProShip, Jeffrey Lukaszewski, adds, “ProShip’s R&D and professional services teams are committed to building and maintaining the most innovative parcel logistics solutions on the market, and that means partnering with FedEx and making sure all certifications are up-to-date. Our strong carrier relationship with FedEx has bolstered our resume among customers and has facilitated some of the fastest transaction times in the parcel industry.”

What Makes ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Different

These types of unique accolades are what set ProShip apart from the competition – a trusted legacy of pleased customers, a vast portfolio of strong carrier relationships, and strategic partnerships with today’s most innovative technology providers. Shippers and partners alike choose ProShip because of our commitment to 4 major principles of shipping success: Speed, Compliance, Support, and Flexibility.

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ProShip has found ways to leverage their excellence in all 4 of these principles to propel customers into supply chain success-setting ProShip apart from competition in more ways than one.

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