ProShip’s shipping experts were featured in the March/April issue of PARCEL magazine.

2022 has brought new challenges for so many logistics professionals. From climbing shipping costs, like the 5.9% general rate hike across U.S. parcel carriers this year, to growing customer expectations [We want it now!], the retail industry has had to become highly agile to keep pace. Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen how important this kind of flexibility has become to shippers, they must face these supply chain challenges directly before they snowball into even bigger issues.

PARCEL magazine has found a way to continually offer a closer look at some of the common pain points that shippers are facing in their parcel operation. Most solutions require a combination of the right technology stack, built on a foundation of industry awareness and knowledge. The right partner should be able to provide options for both of those.

This month’s PARCEL issue features ProShip in several places. First off, dive into an Application Article which takes a closer look at what kind of thrills optimizing your supply chain operation can bring [Check out page 15!]. In addition, ProShip is listed among other top shipping software solutions to offer options for comparing software providers [Shopping for Shipping Software Solutions].

View the Article and Learn More

To learn more about how exciting it is to save both time and money with multi-carrier shipping software, read the article in PARCEL magazine, view the full story on our blog post, or go straight to the source and schedule a demo with our in-house experts.