Same-Day delivery option, Point Pickup, is now available to ProShip customers

The consumers of today have taken their shipping demands to the next level and honestly, they are more difficult and influential than ever before. In fact, 56% of all abandoned carts are shipping related and diving deeper, 26% of consumers have abandoned their cart because they needed their purchase immediately and the retailer did not offer either same-day delivery or in-store pickup options. It’s now up to the brands who want to get ahead to offer a streamlined and expedited customer shipping experience that can meet these evolving consumer expectations.

To help shippers tackle this, ProShip is now offering Point Pickup’s solution, a same-day fulfillment and delivery service for the country’s top retailers in all 50 states. As a leading end-to-end enterprise-class provider of fulfillment, delivery and flex worker services, Point Pickup seamlessly integrates into any retailer’s e-commerce platform. With a community of flex workers supporting this innovative last mile solution, Point Pickup enables both on-demand and pre-scheduled deliveries.

Why Point Pickup

Point Pickup is building the next generation e-commerce platform for the flex economy. It includes the technology, data and network of flex workers required to complete a retailer’s flex ecosystem – where every same-day fulfillment and delivery supply chain need is met.

With a growing community of over 450,00 flex workers, Point Pickup is making deliveries in every local market across the country. Point Pickup’s plug-and-play FlexPlatform™ enables retailers to control their customers’ experience from purchase to the last mile of delivery and everything in between. Point Pickup’s final mile e-commerce services, powered by their proprietary Precision Matching Technology ™, provide retailers a scalable solution that can dynamically match each customer’s order details with the exact flex worker, vehicle and certifications to fulfill and deliver that order while adhering to all performance and workflow KPIs. This advanced technology includes capabilities like identifying repeat workers for stores and routes and optimizing and aggregating routes for multiple orders.

Point Pickup takes a customer-first approach. They know that customers value convenience and predictability in their delivery experience, and their solution seeks to bring back the personal touch, which they believe sets them apart from competition. Point Pickup provides access to a high performing and reliable workforce of flex workers, offering retailers the choice between their own staff or Point Pickup’s network for fulfillment and then relying on Point Pickup for delivery.

The solution also uniquely enables retailers to own all the data in the end-to-end ordering process, providing real-time monitoring and tracking tailored to each retailer and accessible through a dashboard. Their data tools leverage machine learning to better predict capacity constraints in the areas and markets served by the retailer.

“As consumers’ expectations change and grow, ProShip seeks to support our customers with the best carriers that can meet the evolving supply chain landscape,” says Rob Murphy, Business Development Representative at ProShip. “With carriers like Point Pickup utilizing innovative parcel last-mile strategies to stay in lockstep with customer expectations, ProShip is happy to welcome them to our carrier library. Our customers and our carrier partners both win when our multi-carrier shipping software can provide the means to stay flexible and scale in an environment that is constantly shifting demand.”

How Point Pickup x ProShip improves the Customer Experience

As we move into another unpredictable peak season, flexibility will be key for brands looking to thrive in a pool of capacity constraints. [Learn more about strategies for navigating parcel shipping capacity constraints] A flexible solution includes carrier diversification, an approach that includes a poignant and extensive carrier portfolio consisting of national, regional, and local delivery options for faster and more cost-effective deliveries.

ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping solution makes carrier diversification simple by streamlining the onboarding and implementation process for the carriers that serve your customers best. ProShip’s millisecond shipping transaction times and expert IT and supply chain teams supercharge your supply chain to scale with thousands (and even more!) of package shipments. Because ProShip has the time-tested technology and functionality to deliver on our promise of speed, compliance, support and flexibility, it will support your desire to cultivate positive customer experiences for today’s environment and those in the future.

To get the Point Pickup carrier module added to your ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About Point Pickup

Point Pickup (PPUP), the largest end-to-end enterprise-class, same-day fulfillment, delivery and flex worker solutions company, brings precision technology to the final-mile with a highly specialized and scalable solution that is being used by many of the country’s largest retailers. The technology platform, along with Point Pickup’s Flexible Workforce, solves the greatest challenges of the growing final-mile eCommerce market. Point Pickup is the only platform offering on-demand shopping and delivery with repeat flex workers while accommodating pre-scheduled requests. PPUP’s data-driven platform saves time and money, while maximizing performance, by providing sophisticated matching criteria, optimized routing, selective shoppers and drivers, and an API that easily integrates with e-commerce systems. For more information, visit