ProShip customers can now add AxleHire as their new carrier engine for same-day and next-day delivery

ProShip, the top-rated and highly trusted multi-carrier shipping software, today announced a partnership with AxleHire, the expedited last-mile urban delivery company solving the battle between shipping cost and transit time across the country. This integration will allow e-commerce shippers to get their products to customers as quickly as the same day the purchase was made and at an affordable price, boosting customer satisfaction.

AxleHire strongly believes that customers shouldn’t have to wait 3 to 5 days to receive their packages. This is why they have dedicated their company to revolutionizing the industry by providing fast and reliable next-day and same-day delivery right to the customer’s doorstep at a price that’s comparable to top-rated ground carrier rates. Their unique Amazon-like delivery service helps eliminate the tough decision many brands face — ship at the lower price with a longer transit time, or a shorter transit time with a higher price tag. AxleHire built their technology platform with their clients and end customers in mind, providing transparency and giving them the ability to personalize the delivery experience with real-time tracking, updates, and custom messaging. They pride their tech platform on being asset-light, which allows them to quickly onboard new businesses at a fraction of the time it takes some other carriers. By leveraging AxleHire’s flexible tech stack and agile gig-sourced drivers, customers that need their package today can have their package today.

“As a last-mile delivery solution provider, we know how crucial the delivery experience is to building lasting customer relationships. Consumers not only want their deliveries on-time, they want the ability to track packages all the way to their front door. Our goal is to ensure every delivery we make exceeds the customer’s expectation, putting the brand in the best light possible,” said Raj Ramanan, AxleHire, CEO. “Our partnership with ProShip gives brands a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective shipping option as they lean further into a multi-carrier shipping strategy. It’s a win-win all around—for our clients and the customers they serve.”

The most important thing ProShip and AxleHire have in common is their dedication to providing an exceptional Customer Experience (CX). As more and more consumers become environmentally conscious when it comes to production processes and e-commerce, AxleHire is taking steps to provide their customers with a positive CX by committing to greater sustainable efforts. They recognize the impact logistics has on the environment and because of that, they have based their sustainable approach on two principles.

  • AxleHire breaks up packages traveling in bulk close to the end-delivery point by positioning micro hubs closer to the final delivery point.
  • They also utilize their technology to aggregate packages into condensed delivery routes, while matching their package load to the appropriately sized vehicle based on available capacity.

The result from both of these practices creates less transit time on the road and less CO2 emissions per package. 

“ProShip understands the evolving needs of both shippers and the end consumers, which is why we continue to forge strategic partnerships with brands that offer valuable solutions aligned with those needs. The integration of AxleHire’s unique and reliable carrier services with ProShip’s feature-rich multi-carrier shipping software offers our customers a one-of-a-kind experience that will not only satisfy them but ensure the end consumer has an exceptional experience as well.”

– Jeff Lukaszewski, Director of R&D at ProShip

At ProShip, we hold each and every addition to carrier library to a high regard. Their partnership is significant, and their value helps us ensure the seamless and efficient operation of our robust multi-carrier shipping software. The additional support and dedication of each of our carrier partners ensures we can provide our customers with a shipping solution that is dependable, tailored, and optimized to meet their individual needs. 

To get the AxleHire carrier module added to their ProShip environment, ProShip customers can contact their Customer Success Specialist.

About AxleHire

Founded in 2015, AxleHire currently provides their reliable and convenient delivery services coast-to-coast in 19 of the 25 largest United States metropolitan areas and continue to expand. They serve a variety of e-commerce industries including grocery, retail, meal kits, commercial solutions, and more. Shippers have the ability to choose from their wide network of vetted carriers who have helped AxleHire reach the impressive score of 99% on-time delivery. On the rare occasion it may be needed, they provide 24/7 round-the-clock live support.