Listen in to learn more about Veho’s solution and what customers are looking for in the delivery experience.

We are all aware of the pandemic’s responsibility regarding the significant increase on e-commerce in the past few years. However, it’s also widely transformed what we know as the gig economy. The pandemic propelled the gig economy forward, as more and more of these workers redefined the dynamics of when, where, how, and compensation for their work. Today, a greater variety of jobs are available to gig economy workers and the demand for their skills is beyond doubt.

Veho is at the forefront of crowd sourced (gig economy) drivers for their delivery services. Although these gig workers may not conform to the typical 9-5 full-time office position, providing a great customer experience is just as crucial.

About ProShip ParcelCast Episode 28

In this ParcelCast episode, ProShip’s Alliance Manager, Jerri Dixon, is joined by Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip, and Brian McDevitt, Chief Revenue Officer of Veho. The three discuss the increased importance of a positive customer experience and some recent data that breaks down the various carrier-related factors that can make or break the CX.

Brian and Justin decipher what makes a positive consumer experience when it comes to the delivery and returns process. Brian shares the importance of communication between the carrier and the customer from each step of the delivery process until the ‘moment of truth’ when the package reaches the customer’s door. They also dive into the idea of a frictionless returns process and how the post-purchase experience heavily affects brand loyalty and customer retention. Lastly, Justin reiterates how important it is for shippers to consider more than capacity and coverage when it comes to rationalizing their carriers.

Are your carriers providing a frictionless delivery experience? Tune in to find out!

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